Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I Did This Whole Month!

Our annual ATC exhibition came to a close earlier Sep, and we ended it with an international ATC swap on the theme "I Am Hungry".  We balloted for our cards. I got these 3: McDonald (collage) from KESagers (USA), Don't Go Hungry - Teach Yourself to Cook from Ruth Kearney-Mawer (Australia) and I Am Hungry from Ali Breman (The Netherlands). 

Some swaps among ourselves during the ATC session on 13 Sep: "School Days" - "C" for Candle by Melissa and School Days (colour pencil dwg) by Geok Lan.   The last 2 ATCs are "I Am Hungry "(Iris-folding glass aquarium with cat watching) by Jennifer Lum and "Autumn" by Vicki Quek.

My school days ATCs: "Mark Thy Books" with embossed background, pages taken from a very old story book, die-cut paperstock in the shapes of clips. "Know Your Formulas" - all cut with die cuts, and I got my boy to write some Maths and Science formulas for me!   

I'm so pleased with these scarecrow paper dolls. The head and grass are cut with die-cuts, while the rest of the dolls are hand-cut and painted with water-soluable crayons.  One of them went to Phyllis Boggs in USA for the Sep Art Doll swap.

I like these scarecrows so much so that I decided to make another pair, this time small enough to go onto the ATCs.  Cute, right!?!

I have also sent out my Aug and Sep Inchies-onexone swaps to the host, Debbie House. Included in the Aug swaps are (1) Fairies in the Wood (collage) ATC, 

(2) ATC with inchies - (own choice): Lily Pond, with tatted dragonfly inchie (can't seem to do enough of these!), 

(3) 4 Inchies (own choice): "Lucky", (4) Y and Z inchies: Y is for Yellow, Z is for Zeros. 

And the Sep swaps: (1) Zoo theme ATC: Flamingo, (2) 4 Inchies (own choice): "Bloom", (3) 4 Inchies - One Each - Zentangle, Zetti, Graffiti, Geometric. 

Included as gifts for Debbie are Raggedy Ann doll-ATC and Olivia Notes (with tatted treble clef) - top right-hand corner.
I did more prayer flag ATCs with tatted motifs!

Ok, I'm ending off with another flower arrangement by my girl, Kristine, from her school flower arrangement class.  This scored the best for her so far!

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JennyPennyPoppy said...

Wow - what a lot of neat atc's!! They are so fun to make :)