Saturday, September 8, 2012

September Green Paper Collage Challenge

It's time for The Green Paper Collage Challenge again!  Although it might be more appropriate to tat aster since it is one of September birth flowers, I prefer tatting golden-rod.  So, my September entry is a black-and-white ATC adorned with tatted yellow golden-rod.  I must admit I didn't quite know what I should do with the picture of the coupon, so I cut just a word from it for the parcel the girl is carrying.

Do you know aster flowers symbolize love, faith, wisdom and valor, and also the element of patience. Goldenrod flowers hold many symbols too – from caution to encouragement, luck to good fortune.  Don't you think the quote is pretty meaningful?

Remember the Postage Stamp ATCs I did in my last post? The swap came in with a good variety of cards.  Although I'm not an avid stamp collector, I do keep stamps as I come across them since my teen years. Using them on the ATC gives a new life to the cancelled stamps, and it's sure amazing how they become integrated with the whole piece of work, isn't it?   

Well, going clockwise from the top left corner: (1) "USA First-Class Forever" by Jennifer Johnson, (2) "Aloha" by Kirsten Lovercheck, (3) "Annee du Tiger" by Bonnie J. Ray, (4) "Thomas Jefferson" by MaryAnn Arnold, (5) "Henry VIII" by Andrea Vaughan, (6) "Egyptian Art" by Jocelyn.

Tracy Shave's Ma'at, Goddess of Truth & Justice, managed to come in good time! Ancient Egypt history is sure interesting, wish I have the time to explore more. 

I made a quick count of the paper dolls in my collection - 28 which I made and 22 which I received from swaps, 50 in total!  Not really a lot for the 2 plus years since I made the first ones, but good enough for someone like me who is doing them only now and then.  


Susan said...

I love how you tatted the golden-rod on your ATC. It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The tatting is so fresh against the black and white imagery. This may be my favorite of all your challenge entries. Really fantastic!

Maggie said...

Making your collage monochrome with the pop of the yellow tatting is really great and unexpected.

ColourFly said...


Glori Rodriguez said...

love the yellow tatting in the black and white background. Very clever

Laurie said...

The tatting is beautiful!