Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prayer Flag-ATC, Anyone?

Have you heard of prayer flags?

If you have not, you might want to read this article in the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine on Prayer Flags

Since this article appeared, I noticed a few prayer flag swaps been hosted in various groups.  I love the idea of prayer flags, but don't fancy making them so big (5" by 8") and hanging these flags around, partly because I don't have such luxury of space to hang them out.  Why not make them into ATCs?  Reduce the flag size to 2" by 3" and tie it with ribbon on an ATC backing.  You can leave them as that and store them with your other ATCs, or remove them from the ATC backing and hang them out, perhaps around your computer.  Get the idea?

Here's how I make my Prayer Flag- ATC:

  1. Cut pieces of paper/fabric to 2" x 4". 
  2. Fold the top down and glue/stitch in place to create a 1" sleeve, making the flag surface 2" x 3".
  3. Use any technique to embellish your flag - paint, collage, stitch, embroider, appliqué, etc. 
  4. Add words, journaling, or symbols as desired - collage/appliqué letters, add hand stitching, stencil, or just write with a permanent marker.
  5. Thread the flags using a ribbon and anchor them on the ATC backing by cutting a V-notch (just a shallow one, less than 1/4" 1/8" deep) on both sides of the ATC. 

That's how I did my first prayer flag ATC - "Love from the heart".

The back of the flag with a saying from Lao-Tzu.
And the ribbon tied at the back of the ATC.
What do you think of prayer flag-ATCs?  Well, I'm definitely doing more!

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Bree at "Bree's Way" said...

I think that is a really good idea, and the smaller size makes them much more office friendly imo. I think you have a great idea, and I also love the first little ATC you did :)

Great job :)