Saturday, April 23, 2011

Iris Folding Fabric Egg Just In Time for Easter

I didn't show in my last post what we did for the ATC session at Bishan Library last Thursday. We did drawing, cartoon drawing, using Rich Davis' Pick and Draw cards Moses supplied. It was pretty easy, even the children did very well. I am terrible with drawing and only managed these.

Traded a number of ATCs at the trading session this time: the pair of butterflies done by Sor Huang, and the B is for Bear from Jennifer. Another 3 pieces are currently not in my hands yet, so I can't show you yet.

Kristine has been busy with her school works, calligraphy and Malay lessons, so these are some rare pieces she did - C is for Cat and Secret Land, and swapped with me.

I have one person asking for another Joy card, so I did another iris-folding piece, and one more with an "e" for my girl, Joey.

Here's the iris-folding fabric postcard from Leah M (USA) - spring-coloured egg. Sure cheerful looking and so neat, and just in time for Easter!
My fabric Alphabet ATCs are back in production! These are my K cards with Martha Ess' tatted koala pattern. More alphabets are on the way!


Suztats said...

Looks like you've been having more fun. Happy Easter!

umintsuru said...

The Easter egg is so pretty.

Purple Pony Art said...

I'm glad you can go to ATC trading nights too! I would never have thought to iris fold fabric...that's genius!

Singtatter said...

Yep, it's a pretty Easter egg from Leah! Leah M is the one who suggested doing iris-folding in fabrics. I find it more difficult to manage than papers, but it's more rewarding too!