Sunday, May 1, 2011

Springtime Button Fairies

More of my tatted fabric Alphabet ATCs! These are the L's - L is for Lion. Tatting and sewing them made me reminisce the musical, The Lion King - magnificent and unparallel creativity!

Meanwhile, I have also received Mari Strydom's (South Africa) Alphabets - I is for Ice-Cream, J is for Jackal, and K is for Kangaroo. Mari remembers I collect stamps, and she has sent all the colourful South Africian stamps too. Big thank you, Mari!
The alphabet I swap is complete - my I is for Ibis, Ann's I is for inchies, Sherry's I is for Ice-cream (needle-punching), and Mari's I is for Ice-cream.

I signed up for a Springtime Button Fairy swap - my first button fairy swap. What are Button Fairies? They are fairies with buttons as bodies. Nenufar Blanco from Barcelona/Spain came up with the original button faerie. I have previously done a few small ones, small enough to fit on the ATCs. Now, these are about 7' to 8" tall from the end of the buttons to the loop at the top of the head. My version of Springtime Button Fairies is full of flowers and butterflies. Hope my swap partners can feel Spring in the air the fairies bring with them!

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