Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunflowers and Umbrellas

Art dolls for April - Sunflowers! Again, I mixed and matched my QuicKutz dies to come up with these paper dolls with movable head and hands. The big sunflowers were snipped from a daisy cut out of watercolour paper and painted with watercolours, and the small sunflowers on the pants were tatted with size 80 yellow thread and 1 strand of brown embroidery floss. One will be leaving for Canada soon, going to Karen Bassie, who created the pair of lovely ladybug ATC dolls for me last month.

Now in Singapore, it's bright and sunny just like the sunflowers, but rainy in the afternoon for the whole of last week. I don't leave my house without an umbrella. Talking about umbrella, this is one of the themes for the April inchie mingle. Failing to find suitable stuff to go on the inchies and my drawing is terrible, I had to make use of yet another QuicKutz die and tried my best to squeeze the umbrella on the 1-inch square!

Rita once showed me an ATC incorporating an inchie and a twinchie. This came to my mind suddenly when I'm looking at this postcard of a lady. So I cut it up into inchie, plus-size inchie and twinchie and assembled all the pieces back on an ATC to form the doll back. The top left one shows it all folded up. What do you think of it? I'll say it's a good one to show the relativity of all the different sizes!

The theme for the ATC session this Apr was "Alphabet". I came across this "Hands" word in a book, and was so intrigued by it that I simply had to try to re-create it. Again, using embossing folder for the background and die-cuts for the letters and hands, they looked classic.

Still in the mood for more iris-folding after the 2 fabric postcards, I went on to these alphabets. These ATCs are done with embossed origami papers though - E for Ellen, K for Kristine and J is for Joy.

Ok, now let's see what came in the mail this week. First, I have Lyn (USA)'s X is for Xylophone , Y is for Yellow Submarine and Z is for Zebra-Striped Zero. In case anyone is wondering, this is showing up in the wrong orientation again :(

A mouth-watering needle-punched "I is for Ice-cream" from Sherry Dreier (USA) and a jovial "J is for Joker" from Norma Mason (USA).

I'm so excited to receive my third fabric postcard in the mail, this time from Lyn Hodge (USA). Lyn created a winter landscape with sparkling snow - something we don't get to see in Singapore!
Thank you for all the fabulous cards, dear swap partners!


Val said...

The inchies ATC is fab! Great idea and I love your "HANDS" card, just don't have enough ATCs to trade. LOL All fantastic work.

Suztats said...

I so enjoy your posts and seeing what's been created. Wonderful ATC's, and great inspiration. I love the 'hands', too.

Momo said...

Love the Chic ATC. Very clever and unusual.

Purple Pony Art said...

I really love using dies - so handy and you're so creative with them :-)

Singtatter said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, friends!