Saturday, January 22, 2011

Do You Know Your Alphabets?

Yippee! I finished my G's and H's, and mailed them out too!

Here we go, G is for Goose ...
... and H is for Hedgehog.

(Read on further for more alphabets!)

I also managed to finish these 2 pairs of ATC dolls on the theme "Time/Clocks/Watches".
Do you like Guess watches ? The heart one is so pretty.

Mails were real slow since the week after Christmas, those posted on the last days of Dec took 3 whole weeks to arrive!

First, we have this cute Maori Warrior Doll and a pair of Snow Angels from New Zealand, sent by Amelia Ruscoe. Maori are NZ natives, and they would dress as in the ATC when they are performing Hapa Haka (music and dancing). The snow angels are summoning snow with their trumpets.
Next are the fabric Alphabet ATCs - E is for Elephant, F is for Fish, G is for Giraffe and H is for Hat and Hearts! Did you notice the interesting backgrounds that are so matching in every aspect? That's because Mari (South Africa) dyed her own fabrics!

Here are Sherry Dreier's (USA) F is for Fish and G is for Gray Goose on Green Grass, wow, really a handful of G's done by needle punching!
There are more, but I shall leave them for the next post :)

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Suztats said...

Love your geese and hedgehogs!