Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pavilion of Fortune and Floral Bliss

I'm showing all these complete sets of fabric ATCs first. This is the set of alphabet "E" - we have 3 elephants (my tatted one, Ann's one in outline and Mari's African one), emu from Sherry and Eames chair from Norma. In case you are wondering, the word "elefant" on Ann's ATC wasn't a mistake, but the German word for elephant. And if you have missed my earlier post about the Eames chair, you can click on the word to go back to the post to find out what makes this chair so special.

Next is "F" - my tatted from piece, Mari's (on the left) and Sherry's (right) fish.

Then comes "G" - my tatted goose, Mari's giraffe, Sherry's gray goose and Norma's grapes.

Lisa Cottrell (USA) has caught up on her swaps, and these 3 pieces came together - snowman for the X'mas swap, "U" is for Unicorn and "W" is for Wolf.

With the snowman piece in, here's all the X'mas ATCs - my tatted "JOY", Vicky Baker's wreath, Eileen Carkott's snow scene, Sue Cox's snow globe, Sharon Scothern's reindeer and Lisa's snowman.

Lovely collections, right!?!

Now, back to my creations. Another pair of paper dolls "Queen for A Day". I know they weren't too creative, but that's my dream for a Queen - wearing designer's clothes and jewellery, and walking a poodle.

This is my boy's school project - constructing a lantern for the Chinese New Year with recycled materials. Can you spot them ? Toilet rows, egg crate, and in fact, the pink tissue papers which were used to wrap things that came in a box from USA some time back. I didn't throw them as the pink is so sweet, came in useful now. We are calling it the "Pavilion of Fortune"!

I just finished a beginner tatting class last weekend with Christine, Gina, Hazel and Shireen. I was inspired to design a simple floral pattern for them to try. It started off as a simple flower on the left, then the flower got bigger, and became 2 with leaves and vine. Finally, I have Floral Bliss done, dedicated to the girls, in celebration of Spring, and a gift for everyone.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love looking at your collection of ATCs! Everyone is so creative. Some day I may catch the bug!

Thank you for sharing your Floral Bliss pattern. It's very pretty!

Suztats said...

Great ATC's Singtatter. What a huge collection you must have by now. That's a cute little pattern you designed, too!

tattrldy said...

Love your "Floral Bliss" It has a simple elegance to it. Very nice. Thank you for sharing it.

Maureen said...

It's such a pretty design - thank you for sharing your pattern!
To make just one of those cards would take me weeks and weeks - you're so creative with your art!

Jules Woolford said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog earlier on OWOH.
Beautiful tatting, how clever you are, and it was fun seeing your ATCs. I love Singapore, we visited two years ago and enjoyed it so much we are coming back this April for a longer stay!

Singtatter said...

Thanks, Diane, Susan! I have been doing quite a bit of ATCs the last few months, I must really try to tear myself away from them to do more tatting and designing again :)

Hi Tattrldy, Maureen, I love flowers, Floral Bliss is a simple pattern I came up for my students to try. I'm now expanding it to put on a fabric postcard, hope to finish it soon.

Hello Jules! Thanks for your lovely comment on my tatting, you do beautiful textile works too :) Wow, you will be visiting Singapore again within such a short span of time! I'm be happy to play host for a day if time permits, and perhaps a meal at my place - home-cooked Chinese food at a HDB flat.

Bonnie said...

I enjoy seeing your ATC thank you for sharing them with us. Since they are small they shouldn't be to overwhelming, I may have to try my hand at them.

Thank you for your Floral Bliss pattern. I've printed it off to give it a try.