Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wishing Everyone A Sparkling New Year!!

I have been MIA partly because of the holiday seasons, and preparing the children back to school. But mainly, we moved house, now very close to my mother, cos' DH is posted overseas. Hope we will manage fine.

We never have snow here in Singapore, and I have never see real snow, saved for those artificial ones produced with soap foam and in the ice-skiing/skating rings. But since the Dec theme for the ATC dolls is "Snow Angels", I used some snowing background and cut glittering white wings for each doll. Add a snowflake confetti, they look as fine as they could, just that I do not really know what are snow angels. Or rather, I don't really know the different angels apart! I'm curious how my swap partner will interpret the theme! These first pair went to Lynette McNamara in New Zealand.

I received my very first fabric postcard from Miriam Gogarty of Ireland. It is amazing to know the fabric piece, with a postage stamp at the back, actually made its way here across the vast land and sea.
In return, I sent Miriam my last of the tatted Flying Pig ATC.

There should be more to show next week once we settle down in our new place and into our new routine. Ending off with this photo of my new Celestial diamond ring and wishing everyone a sparking new year!


Zaa said...

Sweet Snow angels...Your sure to have a sparkling good year with that lovely ring.... So glad I finally found your "follow button" Ellen...Ha Ha ... Wishing you and your family a Happy New year too.

Christa said...

Did somebody tell you what a snow angel is? I have not read it yet?