Monday, November 16, 2009

Clyde's Tatted Bookmark, Oct Paper-Cutting ATCs and Nov ATC Session

In Sep, I was a lucky last winner in Clyde's Garden Tour Giveaway, but due to events and medical problems, Clyde only managed to tat and send the prizes out recently. I was so thrilled to receive this fine bookmark Clyde tatted in size 100 HDT, and the skein of thread too! Thank you, Clyde!
In-between tatting and others, I'm enjoying cutting and trading these paper-cutting ATCs on the Paper Cutters Trade group. Our sweet host, Susan, gets monthly trading in the going, and sets the theme to open, which makes it easier for beginners like me. This is only my second trade, but there will sure to be more! I cut these using scissors and knife on 80 gsm acid-free papers.
And what I received: going down from the top, and from left to right - A Christmas Tree from Joan Sulecki (this has a most interesting background), a white tree from Susan herself, the Blue Flower from Ursula in Germany, Places I have hiked this summer: Capitol Reef National Park from Melissa, and the last one from Florinda. Thank you, everyone, love all the cuttings!
Last Thu was our local monthly ATC trading session. This time, Pei Ling showed us what is gesso and how to apply and texture it on the base card. We also tried our hands at painting with acrylic paints over card primed with gesso. Interesting! These were what Kristine (bottom 2) and I (top 2) painted - not too fantastic, but I'm thinking of embellising them with some paper-cuttings.
The theme for the month is "Going to the Movies". Not a lot of cards done as everyone was busy, only traded these few. I quite like this movable kitty playing with the tatted butterfly, which I cut using a free cat pattern I found on the internet. This was traded with Laura for her "Sound of Music" card she drew.
What Kristine drew and traded for the quote from the movie, Spiderman:


Tatskool said...

Lovely bookmark from Clyde, 100 gosh!
Great Atc's, thanks for showing.

Clyde said...

You are welcome Ellen. Your ATC's are amazing, the delicate work and detail show's great talent.

Ridgetatter said...

Sprinkle a bit of salt on that wet acrylic and you get an effect of light on water...try it out and see...X Bev

singtatter said...

Hi Pam, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it is a very lovely bookmark that Clyde did. Thanks, Clyde!

Hi BJ, I know salt works for watercolour, but didn't know it work for acrylic too. Will try that the next time! Thanks!

eaparis said...

Your work is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world. Your tatted hearts-in-circles cross bookmark is how I found your blog via Google. Beautiful work. All you touch is beautiful work.

❦TattingChic said...

Oh! That bookmark from Clyde is just beautiful! How lucky you are to get such a lovely piece of lace from him!