Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Bazaar and A Concert

For the last few weeks, I was partly busy with tatting up items for a bazaar sale at my office on Active Day on last Thursday. Thanks to all the support and generosity of colleagues, I managed to sell close to $500, and as I had pledged 15% of my sale to the relief effort for the Padang Earthquake, I had put a cheque of $73 into the donation box in the office on Friday. Sales aside, it was a most satisfying day! There were a few who have mothers and/or grandmothers who tat (or tatted) and they were so happy to see all my tatted works, some lingered around to slowly appreciate all my works, and of course, a lot were simply amazed :)
Well, I didn't have time to take photos, so I will wait for the photos taken by the officials for the event. These were some of the items I sold, together with more bookmarks and cards.

I tatted this flower and leaf quite some time ago. In fact, so long ago that I could not remember where I took the patterns from! I would take them out now and then thinking about assembling them up, but it was never done. And finally!
I'm not too sure if the shaping of the flower is as per the original pattern, but I'm very happy with it. Of course, I had to show it off, and wore this throughout the bazaar!

As I went through my photos in the camera, found these 2 photos I took on one weekend, when I found them on the bed! I called them Animals Go Camping!

See who were still sleeping!

Joey's favourite Barney and her Star-star (bear) with Care-bear and Honey-bear,
and also Kristine's Bear-bear and Hamster inside!
Joey and Kristine built the "tent" using all the pillows, bolsters, blankets they found.

Perhaps due to the recession, there weren't a lot of concerts in the past year, but they are back. Last night, my mother and I attended Fei Yu Qing Live in Singapore, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, after his last concert in Jan 2008.
Fei Yu Qing, the Taiwanese evergreen singer, has maintained his reign as one of the most famous singers in Taiwan all these years, well-known for his pristine vocals, risqué humour and mimicking abilities. His powerful voice delivered endless hits during the 2-hour plus concert. He never left the stage throughout, singing all time hits from oldies to modern contemporary songs, only breaking in between to introduce the songs, telling a few jokes or to say a few words. His mimicry of 刘文正 Liu Wen Zheng, Lin Feng, 周华健 Wakin Chau, 蔡琴 Cai Qin, drew lots of laughters from everyone! And for the very first time, a specially commissioned futuristic stage featuring gigantic LED screen with 3D motion pictures added thrill and entertainment for the night.


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Great hat!
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Thanks, Fox! I love it, and would be sure to wear it on weekends!

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I really, really love the hat!: )

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