Monday, August 11, 2008

New CQ Books, Doily for Exchange and Ivan's Alien and Machine

List mom, Sue, is going to start a CQ Challenge on the HBT group, and I want to join to learn something new. I just had to get these when the bookstore was offering a 20% sale over National Day. Now to digest them.

My latest tatting project is a doily for an exchange. Although I had intended to come up with an original when I first signed up, I couldn't resist doing something from Iris Niebach's books since I got them now. Perhaps my tension is tight and my doily is just shy of the 5-inch requirement, I went on to add my own outer round to Iris' design, and here's a peep at it. Still need to block it and it will be on its way to its recipent.

Ivan has been doing some sketching, here's one alien, and another is a first sketch of a machine. He has done another bigger one with annotation, but I haven't taken a picture yet.


Marie Antionette said...

The doily is very pretty.I don't tat,but I enjoy looking at other peoples work.The drawings are vert cute.Marie Antionette

TattingChic said...

Love the little peak at the tatted doily. It looks very pretty. The drawings are cute.

singtatter said...

Thanks, Marie, for stopping by! You make such pretty dolls and tree angels, will take my time to go through your blog again!

Well, TattingChic, I have not done doily for a while. Hope to show the whole doily soon once its receipent receives it.