Monday, August 25, 2008

Ivan's School Project and Busy at Work on Teachers' Day Cards

I had a busy week with the children, helping Ivan with his school project and the 2 girls with their Teachers’ Day cards. These are the completed index pages for Ivan’s Social Studies Portfolio submission tomorrow. There is another cover page which we’ll finish tonight. Using QuicKutz and similar dies, Ivan coordinated the colours and rolled out all the alphabets, while I glued them on.
Kristine and Joey have been doing their Teachers’ Day cards, they are now sewing the borders of the cards. This is the first time both are using sharp sewing needles. I start and end the threads for them, and occasionally, I have to help them untangle the threads. So far so good, and here’s Kristine with the needle. Didn’t get much tatting done, but I have tatted more butterflies, and more about them later.


zarina said...

I love to see young children having a hand on craft. I have already started on my 5+yr DNw and 4+yr DNc on scrapbooking. Now to proceed with cross-stitch which I got children's kit from a craft shop here.

singtatter said...

Wow, 4 and 5 year old doing cross-stitch! I can't handle cross-stitch well, my children find card embroidery easier too. They like to pierce the holes and there are not so many colours to handle, though needle is sharper. Do show us what your nephew and niece finished.