Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hand-Turned Sewing Tools and Tatted Dragon from Vicki

I love things made with wood - they don’t rust or tarnish like metal, and will have a nice patina with use and age. Cynthia from the US hand-turned these pens and sewing tools using mainly dyed birch laminates and natural burls. The dyed birch laminates are so colourful, and supposedly waterproof too. I just adore the hand-turned beads! Prices are a bit steep, but it’s paying for quality and beauty of hand-craft items, and I’m a happy returning customer!

I have received a dragon from Vicki for the round robin - it’s Karey’s new design that everyone is talking about not too long ago! I’m quite excited to see and feel the tatted dragon, as I have been trying to decide if I want to get the book. After seeing Vicki’s, I have made up my mind! Thanks, Vicki!


yarnplayer said...

That is a wonderful tatted dragon!
The hand-turned wood beads are also beautiful. I like the cute little pin cushion.

TattingChic said...

The color of the thread and beads on the dragon is very pretty. I have a hand turned-handled crochet hook. I find the look of them to be so pretty, too.

Carol Lawecki said...

The tatted dragon is very nice, I don't think I have seen the book anywhere. Can it be found on-line? The wooden beads are so colorful. Will you use them in tattin?

singtatter said...

Yes, Karey Solomon's dragon isn't too big a project to do and it looks great like a dragon. The effect of the beads is great for the scales. Well, Carol, I ordered her book "Here Be Dragons" from Handy Hands, together with a few other books including Iris Nieback's Just for Fun Tatted Jewelry, Martha Ess' Holidays on the Block and Christel Weidmann's newest Tatting Farm Animals. Oh, I'm so excited , I know they just shipped my order.

For the hand-turned beads, they are quite big, the average size is about half an inch length and more than half inch in diameter. I will not use them for tatting, I have worn them as pendant though, and they will make nice zipper pull or part of a tassel.

Carol Lawecki said...

Thank you for the information on the "Here Be Dragons" book. I think someone had pictures of all the dragons on their webpage, but I don't remember who. I think I will get this book and the Farm Animals one too. I have chickens and it will be fun to tat some. That is a good idea wearing the hand turned beads as pendants. They are so beautiful!