Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Felt Art - Dog

I signed up for a felt art workshop sometime ago for last weekend. Interesting how 3D objects can be formed using only wool and felt needle. A bit tiring on the hand, and face the risk of “ free injection” if you are not concentrating enough to see where you are poking the long needle into. Well, this dog is what I managed. My girl, Kristine, named him “Happy”. Not too bad for a first try, right? Now, Joey is trying her hand on making a squirrel, and not so simple as she discovers.


Tattycat said...

this is the most precious little dog! I can't believe you did this just by felting. Amazing! The only felting I have done is with some of my handspun wool and that was LONG time ago! He looks cute enough to bark.

***Jon**** said...

Great work - after only one lesson? How big is the dog?
I have never done felting before, but I saw a demo on Martha Stewart show when a crafter was showing how to make small birdies with felt. I would not have understood what you meant by the 'free injections' if I had not seen the show, :-)

singtatter said...

Hi Tattycat, yes, felt art looks so amazing that I just had to jump into it.

The one lesson was only 3 hours, used 2 needles together to do it faster. Distracted by a few calls and poked the needles right into the centre of my thumb once ! That's was the most painful one, another finger also suffered. Well, Jon, I had to put in another 3 hours or so to finish it up at home. Getting the proportion right is not easy! The dog is about 9cm long from tip of nose to tip of tail, the main body is about 4.5cm in length. Height-wise, it is about 6cm from tip of tail to the hind legs and about 3cm at the top of the neck to the fore legs.

'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Hey Ellen, soooo adorable!!! I too am just now trying my hand at needle felting. I don't have any 'lessons' but I am sure enjoying, from just using the internet.

You are sooo right on those 'injections' even when you 'are' paying attention!

Singtatter said...

Hi Connie, doing 3D items are more difficult, but aren't they cute! I haven't done any other 3D item, though I do use the kit for 2D motifs for ATCs. My girls can do on their own for bookmarks and ATCs, but do be careful with rusty needles. They do rust pretty easily.