Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April ATC Session @Bishan Library

This month, the library arranged an external instructor to come in to our ATC session to do some stenciling printing. We used styrofoam with poster colours to print.  Quite fun actually, and fast to do compared to lino printing.  The results are as colourful as you can get, though they look a bit unfinished (bottom right-hand corner of photo).  Let's see what I can add on to finish the ATCs for a butterfly swap. 

And there's also the black-coated rainbow papers with which some of the participants used to create some very pretty ATCS. 
My first-ever Easter ATCs!  I have wanted to do more in egg-shaped, but can't find the time to do.
Cards from Cheo Hiang and Keerthi.

More about the baggie swap later. 

The theme for May session is "All About Singapore".  Hope we'll get enough cards for an exhibition in the later part of the year. 

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