Sunday, July 22, 2012

Swaps Received from Inchies-onexone Group

Finally, March, April and May swaps came in!  I have almost forgotten what I have sent in for these swaps - see my March (1), March (2), April and May items submitted.  

March swaps: Debbie House's Pocket ATC (oops, Debbie missed the inchies!) and Stitch in Time ATC.  The feather Simple Fold ATC with inchie has no name - wonder whose work is that?

Debbie House's Animal People ATC (for May swap) and Window ATC (for April swap).

Top 3 cards (March swaps), going from left to right...

Debbie House's paper punch inchies (1st 3 on the top left corner), Polly's paper punch inchies (2nd 3). 

Patricia Ann's Easter inchies (top 2), Polly's Spring inchies (middle top), and Debbie House's Spring inchies (bottom 2).

Candy/gum wrapper rinchies: Patricia Ann's kiss, Marjoeie Grace Sayers' Trident, Debbie House's Halloween and Polly's sweetie.

Mid-row cards - A to P alphabet inchies (March-May):
A, F, K, P - from Debbie House;
B, G, L, O - from Sandra Hanson;
C, D, E, H, I, N - from Marjorie Grace Sayer;
J, M - from Polly.

Last row cards -
Rinchies (choice) for May swap - Nuts from Lynn Lipchak, purr from Debbie House, yellow flower from  Marjorie Grace Sayer and flutterbies from Polly. 
Debbie House's spring flowers moos (April).
Last but not least, Debbie House's sleeping babe betwinchie and Lynn Lipchak's betwinchie cat (April).  

A set of inchies (choice) for May swap seems to be missing :(

Nevertheless, kudos to everyone for the wonderful, colourful, creative works, and Debbie for hosting the swaps!!

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