Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catching Up on More Swaps

The latest Birthday ATC was done for Kalona Simmons (UK), with crocheted flowers and tatted butterflies.

A similar piece but done on a different felted background was sewn up for The Linen Shelf's July ATC.

June and July inchies/rinchies/ATC swaps sent to Debbie House (USA), plus 2 extra ATCs for Debbie herself.

The background for this ATC and the one on the top left-hand corner above were made up of scraps of torn fabrics (waste leftover from my previous fabric book project) and yarns weaved and fused together.  I'm quite happy with the result!

Rinchies "Flowers", "Happy" and inchies "Garden" - all embellished with tatted elements.
Inchies - Q is for Quiet, R is for Ring, S is for Snowflakes, T is for Tulip, U is for UFO, V is for Vase, W is for Wreath, X is for X-ray - all done with die-cuts/punch; Inchies "Oriental" and "Stamped images with glitter".  

I just love the challenge of squeezing sufficient details onto the 1-inch squares to bring out the themes.  Try it out if you don't believe!

Back in June, Kayenderes Green (Canada) surprised me with a mail in my letterbox, when I wasn't expecting any overseas mail.  
Kayenderes wanted to learn to tat and I have previously sent her some threads, so I sent more threads and simple patterns to her.

For Jun doll-ATCs swap, Sevgul Sumer Dielemans (Belgium) sent a pair of very lovely shimmering mermaids. 

My ATCs sent to Norma Soulet (USA) - cut from free postcards.

Last Thu ATC session in Bishan Library, we used postage stamps to create ATCs.  

The theme for the night was "Under the Sea".  For my "Riding the Waves" ATCs, I used the inside of envelopes to create waves and made some slits for fish to jump in and out of the waves.
Origami ATCs I received from swap with Rita, and beaded fish from Vicki.  The water lily pond was what I did using a postage stamp. 

In conjunction with our annual August ATC exhibition "ATC on Parade", our group planned for an international swap "I Am Hungry".  I did some ATCs ...
and developing the idea further into paper dolls - Ms Ambassador of Food 

and The Hamburger Boy.  These are done for the ATC-ArtDolls group July Challenge "Food People".

Jun Challenge was "Bird Cage Lounge".  These were what I came up with, putting my die-cuts to good use.


Kathy Niklewicz said...

I had to pick myself up off the floor after reading this - and your other recent posts! Makes my head swim to see how much work you put into your 'hobbies'! And with your job and kids and their many activities it doesn't seem possible you could concentrate on all these amazing artistic endeavors!

Then you threw in a couple of those Celtic butterflies, a pattern which has totally eluded me!

You are such a talented and BUSY gal!


Anonymous said...

I am very interested in learning to tat, leaves specifically, for a large-scale installation piece I would like to do. Could you recommend any good resources for learning the craft? I can crochet some, but I'm a terrible knitter. Your work is lovely.

Singtatter said...

Hi armchairauthor, if you could find someone near you to teach you, that would be easiest. One doesn't need any background to tat, but it is more difficult to learn initially than most other lace works, and more time-consuming too. There are you-tube videos and dvds, but I don't keep track nor watch any before.