Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vision - Where Seeing ... Is Just The Beginning

The "O is for Owl" fabric ATCs are done and mailed! I discovered a new way (for me at least) to hand-sew the edges. This formed an irregular outline creating a frame for a picture. I thought it looked a little wild, just right for the bird in the wild!

I finished a few other paper ATCs for Thursday ATC session in the Bishan Library - more doll-ATCs "Shades of Green" (top) and "Shades of Blue" (bottom).

And following the theme "Singapore", I did 2 similar ones in collage.

What I traded - A is for Ant (embroidered fabric) from Valerie, The Vine (pen drawing) from Terence, and Fruitful Trees (watercolour painting) from Laura.

Moses introduced us to Exquisite Corpse. It was cool fun, and we came up with so many hilarious and unimaginable pictures. More pictures on Moses' blog.

Kristine and I spent an exciting Saturday evening at the Esplanade Theatre, at VISION — Where Seeing…is Just the Beginning - starring world-renowned father-daughter illusionists and Asia’s first Elite Diamond Merlin Award recipients (conferred by the International Magicians Society in New York and is equivalent to the Academy Awards for films). Lawrence and Priscilla Khong in a one-of-a-kind magic show, melding magic with theatre and a script. VISION also debuted 19 brand new illusions that were never been seen before, such as the deadly Nam Escape – a new dangerous and difficult stunt involving giant sharpened iron spikes mounted on two mammoth 10 feet (3m) “wheels”.
The dancers and dances were superb, especially in The Goldfish Bowl scene; the props were artistic, especially in A Future World scene. Magic cleverly weaved into the drama; a script which explored past hurts, hidden truths and love. Dramatic effects, entertaining acts. It was a first time for us to watch magic live (except for those little performances for kiddies in parties!), and certainly a thrilling and unforgettable night!

I just had to snap a shot of this drawing exhibit on the wall as we walked along the passage way to the Esplanade. It summarized well what we have in Singapore - Makan, everywhere also got!

Continuing to the 7th day of our China trip (14 Jun, Tue), we set out for a 6-hour drive out of Guiyang to Libo County (荔波县), located in the remote southeastern corner of the prefecture, on the border with Guangxi. Zhangjiang National Park, including the famous scenic areas Daqikong (大七孔) and Xiaoqikong (小七孔), comprises typical, abundant and concentrated virgin forests, fame for its beautiful mountains, clear rivers, deep valleys, excellant waterfalls, peaceful lakes and extraordinary caves.

Along the way to Daqikong, we passed the Guan Yin Mountain (观音峰).

The natural statue of the Goddess Guan Yin is located at the end of the top cliff (above our heads on the photo below).

Here we are at the start of the Daqikong (大七孔) . We took a short boat ride to save some leg work.

This is the Natural Bridge (天生桥). The "bridge" is 73m high, 15m thick and 22m wide, is above the tall hole in the photo below.

We stayed a night in Sanli Hotel. A number of beautifully craved wooden chairs befitting for the Emperor lined the front lobby.

And a trip to the eating street (小吃街) at night. Families would go down for the Chinese bayberry sweet soup (杨梅汤) or a beer and perhaps some fried pork ribs and peanuts. Simple enjoyment!

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