Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Bit of Everything and More on China Trip

Perhaps I was trying to settle down back into my usual routine after the 11-day holiday break in China, I only manged to finish 2 iris-folding kimonos done with fabric tapes on handmade fabric paper this whole week! I tried a few new things on these 2 ATCs: (1) The red circle below the glazed sticker fan is actually a Chinese character in my Chinese name, stamped from a stone craving, and I added a layer of glaze over, (2) A new way to sew the border!

The green piece is going to Annet in the Netherlands.

I was going all WOW seeing every piece of the Alphabet ATCs that came in: Sherry Dreier's (USA) L is for Lace, M is for Mouse, N is for Nine Patch Quilt Block;

and Mari Strydom's (South Africa) L is for Lion, M is for Mushroom, N is for Needles and O is for Owl. I love the idea of the Needles card especially.

Here I photographed them by the alphabet. All the tatted critters on the left topmost are my work :)

Rag doll that arrived from the USA, created by Sherry Collier.

I love the way Sherry punched tiny holes all over the (black) body, giving a sparkling effect. Sherry also punched tiny holes on the head to tie on the hair and on the arms to tie all the rag stripes!

Continuing to part 3 of my China trip: We spent the 3rd and our last full day in Guangzhou (10 Jun, Fri) visiting the shopping belts - Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street (北京路步行街) and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street (上下九商业步行街).

Kristine wondering what they are looking at?

Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street is a pedestrian street where most stores are open from 9 am -10 pm, but prices are generally higher than shops in Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. I found a street where shops sells stuff like buttons, crystals, fabrics, wholesale, but no, I didn't buy anything, it's really too much to buy unless I plan to sell them, LOL!

Managed to find a mall selling lots of jades (from pendants and rings to big craved pieces) in stalls which are lined up just like our local wet markets! However, nothing really catch my fancy, and I don't want to risk getting conned for fake jade pieces. So at the end of the day, we only bought an extra luggage bag and more bags, watches, socks and T-shirts for the children.
After an early dinner in Panyu, we moved on to the circus!
It was a pity we didn't have the time to visit the Chimelong Paradise (长隆欢乐世界) or the Chime-Long WaterPark (长隆水上乐园), but the Chimelong International Circus (长隆国际大马戏)certainly made up for it. This was Kristine's and also my first time watching a live circus show.

This is the world's largest permanent circus; the world's largest circus stadium which can contain more than 8000 guests per show, and with the largest circus stage in the world. The stage is approximately 100m wide and 50m deep with more than 11 levels of different floor space settings.

The star-studded cast of more than 300 international performers form the Magic World 《魔幻传奇》, along with 40 species and 500 different animals certainly overwhelmed the audience - interesting animal shows, pyrotechnics and hi-tech flaming and lighting effects which created a mysterious dream world, vibrant colours and costumes. One of the last segment on the penquins (not real penquins though), really leave a lasting impression! Sitting in the VIP seats right in the middle front of the stage on the second row, Kristine was simply delighted to "catch" 3 squirrel soft toys!

On the 4th day (11 Jun, Sat) we departed Guangzhou and took a domestic flight over to Guiyang (贵阳). Here, it is totally different from Guangzhou, the weather I mean. Just like in Singapore, it was hot and sunny in Guangzhou (after we left, storms had overtaken the place!), but it was like going around in a big air-con room in Guiyang.

Guiyang, dominated by mist-shrouded hills, is the capital of Guizhou Province. The climate is mild throughout the year. In Guizhou, the most famous is Maotai Wine (茅台酒), which is China's most famous alcoholic beverage, and one of the world's three most famous distilled liquors. Besides having a large chemical industry, rubber industry and a sizable domestic pharmaceuticals industry, Guiyang also manufactures aerospace engine parts and equipment, industrial and mining equipment, as well as railway vehicles and equipment. DH is working in a factory manufacturing excavators. Guiyang is also home to more than 30 minority ethnic groups including Miao, Buyi, Dong and Hui, etc.

DH is staying in the condo named 蓝波湾 in 都习路, which is very near to the Wal-mart supermarket.

We spent the rest of the day walking around the streets in the area, buying some food and fruits back to the condo. Lots of Chinese Bayberries (杨梅) and small managoes. Came across a fried chicken shop which sells all the parts of the chickens deep-fried, including all the intestines and claws - not at all appertizing to me!

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