Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Books Filled with Tatting

I forgot to show what I have sent to Kayenderes Green (Canada) last week, in return for her lovely garden fairy ATC. The ATC doll I sent is Miss Quinlee L. from My Petal L Missy Series. Accompanying Miss Quinlee are some cancelled stamps and thread samples for Kayenderes to try tatting with. Kayenderes has been ill the past month, hope you are feeling much better now.

I signed up for Lenna Andrews' little book swap, and have been working on the books for a while, or rather, on both the books and the tatting, as I wanted to fill the books with tatted motifs - flowers, birds and butterflies. Finally, they are done and mailed!

First, it's a 3" by 3" book. This is something new to me, creating from a 12" by 12" piece of paper. It's fun and addicitive, meaning I have a number more done, waiting for more tatted embellishment!

I have made all 5 pages "open" at the side so that I can insert a tag sheet into each pocket. So there are 5 tag sheets altogether!

For this second book, I used QuicKutz's Sugarplum album found in the Santa's Workshop Limited Edition Set to cut the cover and inserts. Thin oriental papers lie between cardstock; the papers and cards perked up with colour from different types of ink pads. I used bits of ribbons, laces, fancy adhesive tape and sequins too. Of course, more tatted flowers adjorned the pages :)

This is folder pocket insert.

Below left is another folder pocket insert.

A pocket filled with words on the inside back cover.

The third book is a fabric book - my first fabric book; it was shiok ripping and tearing up the cottons! I will post the photos of this book in my next post, which will be a auto-post, as I'm going off on Wednesday for one and a half week holiday to visit DH in China. My previous trip was to Shanghai. This time, we're going to Guangzhou and Guiyang, where DH is working.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You always come up with the most adorable ideas! I love your little books filled with tatting. What a great way to share lace with others!

Val said...

Awesome little books, Ellen. I'd love to see them in person!

Have a good trip and say hello to BH for me! See you when you return.

Gina said...

I LOVE these little books. Actually, I've been looking for instructions for something similar for YEARS! I had discussed something like this with a member of my lace group as a way to exhibit/display small motifs of lace. I don't suppose there is some kind of easy tutorial someplace?

Also, I didn't understand what the "tag" was between pages. What is it and what is it for?

Suztats said...

Your little books are delightful, Singtatter! Lovely work.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday with DH! Safe travels.

tattrldy said...

Beautiful little books! You've done a wonderful job on them. I'm like Gina, I don't understand what the tags are for. A little more explanation (and a tutorial??? please?) would be greatly appreciated.

Nancy said...

Lovely work! I'm also in the swap.. hope I get one of yours in return!

Ati. said...

Love your little books, hope I get one in Lenna's swap :)

Singtatter said...

Thank you, yep, it is a good way to show other crafters what is tatting lace!

Well, Valerie, I have sent out my original 3 books, but I have made another 2 similar ones. I will bring them to the next ATC session. Hope to see your there!

There are tutorials on making books on you-tube. The 3" by 3" one is here:
Have fun making them!

The "tag" I mentioned is just an additional piece of notecard inserted into the pocket of the book. maybe I have not used the correct word to describe it, LOL!

Hi Nancy, Ati, I can't wait to receive my package from Lenna, same with you, right!?!

❦TattingChic said...

That book is totally AWESOME! I LOVE IT! very, very nicely done! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)