Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou

I managed to finish these ATCs just before I left on my trip last week. Fabric ATCs "N is for Newt". Do they look like newts? I tatted them by modifying Martha Ess' gecko design.

Doll ATCs "Shades of Green" for Karen Bassie in Canada. And more doll ATCs, collage-style background, for the theme "Food, Glorious Food!". A pair will be going to Peggy Bainbridge in USA.

This has to be one of my longest holidays. For this 11-day China trip, we flied to Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and later to Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport (mainly domestic flights at the latter airport but flights to and from Hong Kong are treated as international flights).

We stayed in Guangzhou first for 3 days at Baiyun Hotel located in Huan Shi Dong Road. This is quite an upmarket district, the mall beside the hotel consists mainly international luxury brands. As my mother-in-law couldn't walk far, we travelled mainly by chartered car throughout. We started our sightseeing with a trip to Baiyun Mountain (白云山) literally "White Cloud Mountain", taking a park tram up and the Baiyun Cableway down. The name of the mountain derives from the view of peaks shrouded by white clouds in late Spring or when the sky clears after rain, Baiyun Mountain has been a scenic spot since ancient times.

The top lookout point of the mountain offers a good view of the city. On the lush, rolling hills, many of the locals are enjoying nature and holding various outdoor activities there, from just a morning walk up the mountain, badminton, dancing, taiji to group telematches.

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