Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Love Flowers, Do You?

No. 15th day without a maid when she had to go back to Indonesia because of problems at home. Now I have to find time to do more household chores, but luckily with much help from dear Mom. So things are going slow.

These are private swaps that I finally finished. The first one is an ATC for Lisa Alff (USA) with her name sewed on the basket, filled with flowers done with creative tatting.

"What is creative tatting?" non-tatters would ask. Well, it is a way of tatting realistic flowers with the creative knot. They are pretty and with much room for creativity, but tedious if you want colours - I have once used 4 shuttles concurrently in order to get 4 colours. That's the time you can't tat just about everywhere but to sit down in a quiet corner and concentrate or else, you'll be busy untangling the shuttles more than you tat!

This second one is a fabric postcard for Lynn Hodge (USA). YES, a fabric postcard of size 4" by 6" and this is the FIRST piece of postcard I sewed! I'm ready to tackle fabric postcards, but I don't think I'll do a lot as they do take much more time to hand-sew. I expanded my "Floral Bliss" motif to fill up the whole postcard with sweet pink blooms.
Beautiful Chinese paper cutting. This is a gift brought back by DH who is outstationed in Guiyang, China, hand-cut by a co-worker. She has lots of credit to her name, winning numerous paper-cutting competitions. Can't wait to meet her in person!
I'll end with these real blooms received from DH who is now back to his job in China. Thank you, they are lovely <3


Suztats said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it was grand. Lovely tatting, and the paper-cutting is beautiful!

Carol said...

Your tatting is lovely. The postcard is very well done.

Momo said...

Belated birthday greetings Ellen!

God's Kid said...

Lovely flower cards! :)
And Happy Birthday! :)

Angeline Yoshiko said...

Happy birthday. belated greeting.
Those flowers are so beautiful.

Purple Pony Art said...

Hi Ellen,

I'll chime in with birthday wishes too :-) I'm so behind on my blogs!

I love your tatting ACEOs and postcards too. It's nice to see new uses for old arts.