Monday, July 19, 2010

Tatting Gifts, ATCs and The Garden Festival

I'm back to tatting after a break of embroidering work. I like to tat leaves and make them a gift. A new leaf represents a new chapter in life, what's more suitable for colleagues who are moving on to study. Leaf pattern by Karey Solomon, and I modified it into a smaller leaf for the end.

And more tatting for birthday boy, Paul in Malaysia, for a Birthday Exchange - a pair of Paprika, the dragons, (pattern by Martha Ess), a snake bookmark and my tatted lucky clover paper clip, plus a birthday card, lots of threads and yarns and Apple beads.

Next is a tatted heart, not done by me, but by Cindy Michele, and mounted on a fabric, with felting and beads sewed on. A very pretty piece of ATC, no doubt about it.

Another heart, but this time, it is a felted one done by Satu of Finland, and adorned by simple yet effecive sewing and beaded flowers. I love the striking colour combination too.

More beading embellishment in this Morning Mist ATC done by Mary Strong of Australia. Such sweet and feminine colour combination!

A second piece from Mary, an oriental design, but with the texture magic for the background fabric. Very bold yet classic with red, white and black colours.

Just yesterday, we spent a good afternoon at the Singapore Garden Festival strolling the exhibition halls at Suntec City amidst the wide array of displays from themed fantasy gardens and landscape gardens to cut-flower displays by local & international floral designers, and seeing the diverse heritage of orchids. Just wanted to show you these 2 photos - these bonsai are simple yet one can imagine how much time and effort the cultivators had put in.

This first one has the Chinese words meaning "success".

And this second one has the Chinese word "Tea"growing out from a Chinese teapot!


Suztats said...

Lucky Paul for his birthday gifts. Lucky friends to receive your beautiful leaves. Love the ATC's!

singtatter said...

Thanks, Suz! Love your tatted tree too, this is one of my to-do item!

laura_rose said...

hi there. I love everything about this post!! It's been a while since I had a chance to catch up. The wire I used in my wire lace is 32 guage and in some ways more difficult than thread bobbin lace, but in other ways it is easier! I have really enjoyed this form of lace (but then, I really enjoy tatting and threads with bobbins too hehehe)

agasunset said...

I love the leaves, they have something fresh in them, great for new beginning. I use this pattern before, completely forgot about it, thank you for introducing them back to us :)