Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mainly ATCs

The children had no school on Youth Day, so Joey surprised me when I came back from work with her 3D Food TV. I find the pair of eyes on the word "FOOD" soo cute!

Received these ATCs. This first one from Teresa, acrylic painting on canvas, titled "Dead Beauty".

The orange one below is Lisa's ATC done with texture magic, she has also generously sent some texture magic and Angelina fibre for me to try. And the 2nd ATC is a RAK done with tyvek. My heartful thanks, Lisa!

The following are traded at our latest local ATC session at Bishan Library.

Roads Less Travelled - Growths of A Different Kind by Sor Huan, drawn with pens.

Up, Up & Away and Lady Bugs, origami done by Rita.

Now, my ATCs! These are the latest doll ATCs:

Spring Doll

and Winter Doll for Amy in the US. Both heads can turn!

Another set for myself.

Another few more of my hand-embroidered flowers ATCs.

Had enough of sewing, next I will be back tatting!


Stephanie Grace said...

All of those ATCs are just beautiful and I admit that I'm incredibly jealous over the "Dead Beauty" one, but your flower ones... Oh My Goodness!!! Who knew that so much beauty could fit into such a small space? I am just floored!

-Stephanie Grace

Momo said...

3D Food TV - What a cool idea!

And very beautiful ATCs as usual.

singtatter said...

Well, Stephanie, ATCs are just addicitive, especially when you have partners to swap with!

Yes, Moses, I think it is cool, though the 3D concept was borrowed from a 3D TV advertisement brochure!

Anonymous said...


TatForFun said...

LOL...I remember Joey, and I imagine She would be really really excited to show her suprise. And when finally you got back home, she said "Mommy, mommy, look what I've made". Sweet little Joey :)

singtatter said...

Hi Felicia, how's things? Must be busy!

Joey is already 11! She is now trying to tat a whole pattern up for her teacher for Teachers'Day (previously, she is only playing with simple ring flowers). We'll see how that comes up!

Tatskool said...

Wow and more wow! leaves are superb, ATC's are gorgeous every on of them.

singtatter said...

Hi Tatskool, both the leaves and the ATCs are addictive, I'm still working on more and more leaves!

Lisa Fibers Creations said...

these are gorgeous......Lisa From Art4Mail..

singtatter said...

Thanks, Lisa, nicce to meet you!