Friday, December 25, 2009

At the Flyer, Lots of Angels and a Stamping Party

We went up the Singapore Flyer a 2nd time this Dec, this time to see Singapore at night. This 1st photo showed the next cabin to ours when we were at the highest point.
All the lights in the distant.
Back to crafts. It was my colleague, Eunice's last day on the eve of Christmas, I sewed up this felt cross for her.

Not enough time to tat up much Christmas gifts this year and only managed these. But there were lots of angels this Christmas -
Tatted angels
and a lot of wire angels
Only managed to tat up a few of these holly leaves:
I love the colours of the Flora threads used to tat up this name bookmark
(Teri Dusenbury's alphabets):
And more earrings and hairclips
Oh, last Sat, my girl and I went to Junior De Artist's Hero Art 2010 Debut Preview Party - Make and Take sessions. We spent an afternoon there and had a great time doing these cards, and of course, shopping for the new stamps!
Last but not least, a MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!


❦TattingChic said...

Gosh, Ellen! Your tatted Angels are lovely! I seem to recall seeing the pattern for those angel wings to put on crystals, but the web page is gone for some reason. Do you have a current link to that pattern, by any chance?
The holly berries are lovely, too! You and your family are all so creative!
Singapore flyer looks like fun!
Merry Christmas to you, too!

Bonnie said...

The Sigapore Flyer looks like it was super neat.

Eunice's Felt Cross is beautiful.

Wow have you been busy, beautiful Tatting as always.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Ellen!

Momo said...

Merry Christmas to you and your very talented children! As always, great pieces of tatted craft.

singtatter said...

Hi TattingChic, the tatted angel wings are Christa Burr's pattern. I'm not too sure of the link; got the chance to meet Christa when she was in Singapore about 2 years back, and I got the pattern from her.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Gina said...

You tatted only a few???? LOL! you got tons of tatting done!

Great view from your cabin.

Merry Christmas!

Shay said...

The tatting-plus-chrystal angels are an inspiration; you have a truly creative eye.

Merry Christmas from Illinois where is is (finally) snowing after two days of cold icky rain.

Paula C. said...

You have made so many pretty things! I really enjoyed looking at all of them =) Merry Christmas to you, too.

H J said...

Merry Christmas!

Jullie Teo said...

Wow!! Love the angels very much... :)

Merry Blessed Christmas, Ellen... Miss you during KBCC Christmas Party today...

dove09 said...

Blessed Christmas to you, Singtatter.
I am a Singaporean and have learnt tatting by watching video by Midred Clark. I have tatted a number of crosses and would like to give them out to friends. However I do not know where to purchase the plastics to place them in to make them look presentable. Can you please let me know whether to buy these plastics that you have beautifully packed your pieces? said...

Wow! I love the holly berries and the angels. How do you make the sire angels? said...

sorry, I meant wire angels

singtatter said...

Hi Jullie, we had wanted to go to Betsy's place, but my hubby wanted to bring the whole family to the Bird Park for the Dino exhibition. Hope to see you in the new year!

Happy New Year everyone!

singtatter said...

Hi Vicky, I saw a wire angel on one blog which I chanced upon a while back, and based on the concept, I tried to bend them. The wire I used looks thick, but it is actually very flexible (in fact too soft to my liking). I bend the wire around some "nodes" to get the shape, and "touch up" the bends using pilers. Next is the ribbon and finally, push a bead down the ribbon.

Vanessa. said...

Your holly is gorgeous. Where did you get the pattern from?

singtatter said...

Hi Vanessa, the holly leaves were modified from a pattern in one of the Japanese books. I have been tatting them for the last few years, previously I tied them on paperclips. This time round, I tatted them even smaller and hooked them up on metal rings for mobile phone charms.

singtatter said...

Hi Dove09, I have just browsed your blog and you have done some great tatting! Love all the colours and your painting too, that's something I would want to learn. Did you learn tatting from someone?

The plastics, some I got through one of my ex-tatting friends (she doesn't tat anymore now) which she got from UK, the cheaper ones I got from those shops that sell plastic bags but it was quite a number of years back and I'm still using the stock up till now as I bought in bulk.

Sharon D. said...

Love the Holly and berries. Love the crystal Angels. Is there a pattern for the angel wings. I have a lot of the crystals?
Have a great 2010.

Dove08 said...

Hi Singtatter,

Thanks for your reply. I picked up a video tape by Midred Clark many years ago, sat in front of the TV and learnt tatting that way. I made many mistakes, threw away spoilt pieces but I perservered because I love the end result of the tatting patterns. Subsequently I bought books to further improve on my patterns. I have tatted lots of crosses though and waiting to have them packed to give them away to friends.