Sunday, September 6, 2009

Straw Animals and Jon's New Book

Last Sat, the KBCC had a session on making animals from drinking straw. Something new to me and my 2 children who tagged along. Betsy followed a book to show us how to weave the straw. Turned out it was similar to weaving a grasshopper using palm leave, as my boy discovered. Ivan grasped the concept pretty fast, and he completed the goldfish much in style. Joey and myself were struggling, but we consoled ourselves we explored something new :)

Ivan did these 2 fishes himself and I'm so proud of him!

Look what I received in the mail - Jon's giveaway of her new book! I sure didn't notice the specifications of the book, and was so surprised at the size of the book - a petite and handy size to carry around. I have seen Jon's fabulous snowflakes that everyone was tatting but alas, I'm not too keen to tat snowflakes; on the other hand, this book on tatted cabone rings and with lots of beads appeals to me. Let's see what I'll turn them into!

Joey was pleading me to tat 2 "A" for her classmate, who loves her tatted "J" bookmark used in her school diary so much, so here they are: Teri Dusenbury's pattern tatted with Flora 20 threads. They chose the colours, I said they were pretty good choices.


Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Oh, those animals are adorable! I want a fish! I really like your letter 'A' bookmarks. I saw the patterns for Teri's alphabet before, but this is the first time I've seen them done. Very nice! Your posts are always so interesting to read. I always find about new stuff in them.

singtatter said...

Hi Steph, I love this set of Teri's alphabets. I once saw someone tatted the whole set in many different colours and they are pretty beyond words!

Knotty Bicsie said...

Wow! Ivan really great with the straws! Glad u all had fun & really happy to know he made another fish on his own ;)

Ridgetatter said...

How cool are Ivan's fish ~ Wow! He has a gift for crafts, I see. It's nice you have fun with your children. My grown ones remember the 'fun' times; when I left the 'always there' tasks of life; and took them on 'mystery trips', to Farrells' icecream and the beach (we lived only 1 mile away, then). Those are rich experiences and memories for our youngsters ~ and the dishes and dustballs are always there; but, the children grow up and get lives of their own (as they should). Love, Bev

laura_rose said...

Wow, I agree with everyone else! The fish are gorgeous, and so are the bookmarks! I always love to read what the children are doing and I know how much they love trying things out. Thanks for dropping in on my last post ... your compliments always mean so much, because your work is simply beautiful always!!

Bonnie said...

Joey's fish are super cool. I never would have thought to make art out of straws.
Congratulations on winning Jon's book.
Your tatted A-s are pretty. Could you imagine the whole alphabet tatted in bright colors and framed for a child's room?

singtatter said...

Ivan and Joey enjoyed the KBCC sessions, thanks for organising them, Betsy!

Hello, BJ! Everyone tells me to treasure the times with children when they are small. I will try my best. Thanks, BJ!

Thanks, Laura, your laces are most pretty too. I love seeing your colourful bobbin laces especially!

Hi Bonnie, I did saw someone tatted the whole set of alphabets in all colours, even in each alphabet - most colourful and sweet. You are right they will look very good in a kid's room. A pity my children are too old for alphabets already :)