Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thumb Print Art ATCs and Paper Cutting

My children just discovered a new art - thumb print art. Faber-Castell recently launched a kit with the book and ink pads, and with that, Joey and Kristine created the following ATCs.
These are done by Joey (10-yr old).

And these by Kristine (7-yr old).

I didn't get much done myself. I hope to finish the animal motif for Becky soon, and move on to try something else. I'm quite pleased with these 2 ATCs. The heart is Martha Ess's pattern tatted with metallic thread and mounted onto an acid-free paper cutting which I cut myself. Yes, this is one of the things I want to try.


TattingChic said...

Look at all those fun ATC's! It looks like you've been having fun as a family!
Your cutwork is lovely on that red card...not to mention the tatting is pretty on both of them (not surprising!)

TatForFun said...

It's just "like mother, like daughter" ^_^ They're very talented; you must be very proud

Maureen said...

That sounds like a fun kit! - something my granddaughter (8) would enjoy too, I must keep an eye out for it.
Your girls use such lovely bright colours, I always admire their art!

singtatter said...

Thanks, TattingChic, Felicia. Yes, my children enjoys doing crafts together, especially the 2 girls. I pratising paper cutting, more to come; but I just can't imagine how China artists can cut such super thin papers.

Well, Maureen, the Finger Printing Art Set by Faber-Castell (Art Nr.: 180688S) has an art book and a 5-colours ink pad. Separate ink pads (washable and non-toxic) are also available. It is published and distributed by the Faber-Castell Singapore branch. Hope you can find there.