Thursday, June 4, 2009

Heather's HDTs, Felicia's Heart and ATCs

Heather at The Tarnished Tatter celebrated her blog-a-versary earlier with a giveaway and I won her HDTs (hand-dyed threads). Actually, I quite hate to make choices on colours as I just can't make up my mind which I want. That's why several times I had stood in front of all the colourful crocs shoes for half an hour trying them out and I still ended up not buying it. That's why I will try to get all the colours if possible when the purse allows! Yes, it was difficult deciding, but finally, I chose Rainbow Cotton Candy, Many Colors and Golden Cranberry Avocado. Cranberry, avocado, cotton candy are some of my favourite food and what better colours than many colours and rainbow colours!

The threads came yesterday, and they look as great as their names, so sweet! Thank you, Heather!
Have been spending more time with the children doing last-minute revision for their exams, and now after exams, their school hoildays. No time to relax still, they have tons of homework and projects (their projects will become "our" projects, if you know what I mean). And attending all the talks and open houses for the Direct School Admission - Secondary Exercise (DSA-Sec), and preparing copies of certificates and submitting applications, things sure are getting complicated nowaday as compared to my time in the 1980s!

In-between, we have Felicia from Indonesia came a visiting. She tats pretty well already, so it was more of showing her a few more advanced techniques. Here's a sweet heart she gifted me!

Here are a few more ATCs in the "Thank You" series I did using different embossed backgrounds:


TattingChic said...

I read on Felicia's blog about the visit. She really seemed to enjoy herself! The heart she made you is lovely! The teardrop beads are gorgeous! :)

TatForFun said...

Wow...the only reason the heart I made looked so lovely, because it's not taken by me ^_^
I never had a nice picture with my mini pocket 3MP camera.
So thank you Ellen, for capturing the sweetness of it.

tattrldy said...

Your ATCs look wonderful! And the thread yummy! I'm sure you'll have fun making more remarkable pieces with it. You have such lovely patterns.

singtatter said...

Yes, TattingChic, the heart looks so lovely among the beads, a very nice combination.

Well, Felicia, I'm seldom very satisfied with the photos, I don't know if it is due to insufficient daylight or what. The photos in the last 2 months or so are taken by my handphone Samsung Pixon, though I have always adjusted the brightness and contrast levels of all the photos.

Thanks, Wanda, the threads look as yummy as their names. But they are precious, I'm not too sure what to use them for, and certainly not trials for new designs !

Fox said...

Heather's HDTs are beautiful and the little heart made by you is too!