Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Toys and ATCs

I had a surprise when I visited my favourite QuicKutz shop last weekend. In addition to the QuicKutz 2009 Spring Gift Sets, there is a whole new range of embossing plates. These are plastic plates, so they are cheaper than the metal ones. I couldn't resist playing with them over the weekend as I supervised/coached my children for their exams (talk about multi-tasking !). They work just great on metallic cardstocks.

This makes a grand nameplate.

More ATCs with embossed background (except the black one) and decorated with tatting.

From left: Purple Garden, Aphabet E

From left: Thank You/1 and back of Thank You/2

Happy Birthday, Helmi

And this was of course specially done and given to Helmi for her coming birthday.


Sally Kerson said...

Hi Ellen, The tatting really works well with the embossed cards - you must have had great fun creating them. Hope your children's exams go well

TattingChic said...

Very cute! Love the cards! :)

Clyde said...

The embossing plates add a real professional touch to your ATC. Very nice.

Reen said...

Your cards are beautiful. No wonder my sis loves her card. She really admire the beautiful small flowers.

singtatter said...

Thanks, Sally, sure hope the children did well. Studying in Singapore is sure stressful, and the same for the parents!

Thanks, TattingChic and Clyde. I am just admiring the booties you tatted, TattingChic, that's something I have not tried! Clyde, talking about professional touch, I have a wedding card printed by a hotel in front of me and I'm admiring the embossing. Can't describe how happy I am when I can emboss my own cards now!

Hi Reen, so glad your sis likes her card. Well, you are getting one card too, it's not difficult to guess which you are getting ! Hope you enjoy tatting with the threads.

Reen said...

Thanks Ellen. I just received the threads and your beautiful card today. I was very happy when my sis gave me mind. Thank u very much. Its such a beautiful piece.