Monday, May 4, 2009

ATCs and A Cover Page

Haven't had much time to do much tatting with my children's exams around the corner, only managed to complete a few ATCs.

The idea for these 2 "JackPot?" cards hit me as I was adding some postage stamps into the album. Put 2 old Singapore stamps and a tatted flower (Helma Siepman's way of creative tatted flower) under 3 flipable covers. No, you did not hit the jackpot!
Next are the first cards done with tatting mounted on fabric and card. The "Rose Garden" cards has a tatted pink and blue rose each, while the "Dragonflies" cards each has a tatted dragonfly with beaded wings (Debbie Arnold's design).

The same design of dragonfly is attached to the left one of the "In The Garden" cards below, and tatted butterflies on the right one.

I'm quite pleased with this - a cover page for my boy's Social Studies submission - all done with QuicKutz die cuts. If you are wondering, well, he did all the write-up by himself, I just helped with this cover, and the background is actually white (the photo wasn't so well taken against a setting sun). I'm not advertising for QuicKutz, but cookie cutters are just fantastic, make the cutting of alphabets much faster and save papers (the 4 new Spring 2009 sets are definitely worth considering, but the headache is which set ?) and isn't the Singapore island shape just cute!


Tatskool said...

Lovely ATC's and your son's project is fab, obviously is going to take after his mum.
Quickutz is fab, still waiting for my Big Squeeze that I ordered.

Carol Lawecki said...

Very cool ATC's. I like your idea of the Jackpot and the flipable cover. It's so unique.

Your son's report cover looks great too!

Have a great day!

TattingChic said...

Lovely ATC's! I love the rose on your rose garden card! Where did you get such a lovely pattern? Is it another one of your own?

Valerie said...

wow, you still have those stamps?! i remember using them when i started primary school! (oops...) love the stamp ATC.

hey where did u find those cookie cutters? they seem really useful for school projects. think my niece would love a set. :)

singtatter said...

Hi Pamela, is the Big Squeeze the same as the Squeeze tool of QuicKutz or something else ? Since I got the Revolution tool, I have not touched my purple squeeze tool.

Thanks, Carol, I thought the idea was quite cute, though I'm not so sure if the end product came out well. SO glad at least I received an affirmation.

TattingChic, this rose is not my pattern, though I can't really remember where I got the pattern from. Most of these motifs I have used so far for the ATCs are all tatted a number of years ago, and now, I finally found a use fof them!

Well, Valerie, I collect stamps since my school days, though not an avid collector. I still have my collection of older Singapore and Malaysia stamps (and Malaya stamps too)and a bit of other countries.

For the QuicKutz tools, die cuts and cookie cutters, you can go to their official website to see the complete range. A few local shops carry a small range, but a more complete range is found in Junior DeArtist in Novena Square. But be prepared, it is not going to be a cheap investment.

Reen said...

I like the rose on the garden card. the colours are beautiful.

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I really like your ATCs. I've been wanting to get started on them, but just haven't had the time. Thanks for the inspiration!

Tatskool said...

Yes Ellen the Big Squeeze looks like the same thing. It has been on special offer at a fraction of the price..but it looks like I might not get one! as the offer time has expired and my craft shop still didn't get them.

JL said...
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JL said...

Hi, saw your comment on my much "neglected" blog... I'm subscribed to your blog's feed and "seen" your creative works. I'm glad to "meet" another crafter too!


singtatter said...

Thanks, Reen, you will be owning one of my ATCs soon!

Hi Diane, I now use ATCs to show off my small tatted motifs. And the latest, I use ATC as a birthday card! I have always like things small,partly they are easier to keep and store compared to bigger things, don't know how many will share this view. I want to explore more sewing methods on ATCs, but how I wish for time!

Hope you get your tool, Pamela. But I do think most QuicKutz users prefer the Revolution tool to the Squeeze tool - lesser strength is required to make a cleaner and better cut with the same die cuts.

Hi JL, hope to see you around more often!