Saturday, April 11, 2009

ATCs - Celebrate Easter, Shamrocks Galore, Blossom and Attraction

Not much happenings. In between designing and tatting the motif for Camille for the Extreme Tatters Round Robin, I used some of the motifs I tatted previously and created more ATCs.
From top left-hand corner moving clockwise:
Celebrate Easter (with tatted egg),
Shamrocks Galore (with tatted shamrock),
Blossom (with tatted flowers),
Attraction (with tatted bee).
So far, I have used acid-free scrapbooking cardstocks or papers as the base for the ATCs. The exception is the background for "Attraction", which was cut out from an advertisement card found in my mailbox. Looked too pretty to just throw it into the recycling bin, isn't it ?


Tatskool said...

Love your ATC's. Pop over to my blog, I have a little something to show you.

Bonnie said...

These are super cute! Your creativity shines thru again.

TattingChic said...

Those are darling! Someone online is wanting to do an ATC round's a fellow tatter. If I can remember the who it is I'll come back and leave it in the comments for you to check on just in case you're interested.

Have a great weekend! :)

laura_rose said...

Hi Ellen,
I am doing a round robin...not sure if it is the same one Tatting Chic is talking about! Would you be interested in that or just a plain swap...I love the "attraction" cards :)...the others are great too:D

Carol Lawecki said...

I love your ATC cards. Great job, they are all awesome!

laura_rose said...

Hi ellen,

I have put your requested card in an envelope. If you contact me privately, we can exchange addresses :)

laura_rose said...

Hi again Ellen,
I have put both cards in envelopes ready to post. As soon as you send me your email, I will send you details of the exchange. I adore the Attraction ATC, but would be happy to be surprised with the second in the exchange if you prefer :)

HPHQ said...

HI, 1st time i'm visiting your page... it is so amazing! i really wish to see some more work of yours... hopefully i can learn some.. when i have free time.. really want to make some by myself also :) best wishes for you and your children!

singtatter said...

Glad you gals are thinking well of my ATCs. Thanks you!

Well, Laura, I just finished the second motif for the round robin and can spare some time to make a few more ATCs. Give me a week to see what I can come up and I will send out 2 cards (including Attraction) to you by 27 Apr.

Lisaswings said...

Wow, I will have to find out what tattering is! They are beautiful! The floral ones are so colorful too. You are truly creative and I love your personal touch on all of the ATCs.

singtatter said...

Thanks, Lisa. I'm not good at collage, so I simply use patterned scrapbooking papers and add suitable tatted motifs to them. These ATCs became a canvas to display tatting lace.

Tatting is different from knitting; we tat with a shuttle or tatting needle and use mainly cotton threads in sizes 20 to 80. Not difficult to tat if you ask me, but certainly take more time to come up with a tatted item than a knitted or crocheted item. You can see more tatted laces on my blog, and perhaps look at this site for more of what tatters are doing: