Friday, February 20, 2009

New TIAS, Sewing Gauge and Shrink Plastic Flat Shuttle

Iris started a new TIAS! Without any diagram or photo, Day 1 is truely tat it and see what comes out of it! Am I on the right track?

Also in the photo is one of my favourite picot gauges - a sewing gauge. They come in hard plastic and metal, I like them thin, handy, durable and fuss-free, and many sizes all in one and all the arms are annotated. I counted 20 picot sizes from the smallest 1/8" to the largest 4"!

Did you notice the transparent disc at the top left corner ? I made this flat shuttle from shrink plastic back in 2005. It's not easy to shrink a long piece down nicely and flatly, or perhaps I'm too much of a perfectionest or simply I'm not skillful enough. But well, this is the one and only one I tried, and have since only used it once to tat something very small.


TattingChic said...

Good job on your TIAS. It looks fine from this angle, LOL! It looks like everyone else's so far. Your little shrinky shuttle is cute.

Eva said...

Nice colours!And of course nice work.Greetings from the very south of Sweden and

wickedtats said...

what is shrink plastic ellen?

Iris Niebach said...

Thank you for working the TIAS, the work is perfect,

singtatter said...

I see TattingChic is doing the TIAS too with your cute shuttles! How do you find working with flat shuttles ? I only collect them, and don't really use them at all.

Thanks, Eva, are you working on the TIAS too ?

Well Aileen, the shrink plastic is known by a few different names, but it's the type of plastic that will shrink when it is heated up.

Iris, your TIAS Day 1 and 2 came up so beautiful, just like any of your doilies and motifs. Can't wait to see the finished design!