Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Presents, Bookmarks, Day 3 of TIAS

Jon organised a birthday exchange for the SnN group with 8 participants, each with just 1 partner. My birthday was the earliest of all on 23 Feb, and Paul started the ball rolling. Look what I received from him!
The floral fabric is SO sweet and pretty! A very cute touch to the Hallmark card too. Thank you, Paul, for all the Anchor threads, beads & heart confetti!

My 2 little girls are so creative, they whipped up a decently-looking present, all wrapped up and with bows. It looks so good that I really don't feel like opening up and spoiling the packaging! A "petite" bouquet of roses from DH, and not forgetting the 2 Celestial diamond rings he bought for me earlier.

Here are the 2 bookmarks I tatted from this Japanese book I bought recently. Both are tatted with Flora 20 threads, but with different tension, 1 came out larger than the other by quite a lot! And what differences when I work on different computers, the photos were edited on different computers, the first 2 were much darker than these last 2! Anyway, this is my Day 3 of the TIAS. I'm not any wiser what we are heading for.


TattingChic said...

What a lovely stash you rec'd from Paul. I am glad you provided the link to his blog. He a talented crocheter and tatter, though I'd love to see more tatting (always) on his blog, LOL! OF course!

The gifts you rec'd are lovely! Happy Birthday to you, Ellen!

Those bookmarks are pretty! Nice work! Oh, You are on Day 2! I still have to get caught up, LOL! I think I will spend today doing that...Iris has already posted Day 4! YIKES!!! :)

ChurchLog said...

Hello Ellen, my name is Sally, I am Jane Eboralls sister and also a tatter. My son lives in Singapore and wonder if he lives near you? My e.mail is

Valerie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ellen.

Wow, the presents are fabulous. I'm sure you'll have hours of fun using the stash.

Love the 2 bookmarks. Very sweet colours.

Paul Lionel said...

Hi Ellen. I'm glad you liked the stash. I wish I had the chance to do something up for you though. Maybe when we're partners again next time :P

Tattingchic: Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm still very new to tatting and hopefully will be able to do all those nice things I see you guys doing on your blogs :)

singtatter said...

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Paul is sure talented, I always stand in awe of men that do needleworks. He is working hard on tatting now, right, Paul?

Tatting Chic and Valerie, I like this bookmark pattern best in the Japanese book, I like the delicate & lacy look, and it's a simple 1-shuttle work. And oh, Day 4 is up, I'll have to catch up on that tonight. I see Valerie has already done it!

Hello, Sally, nice to "meet" you! Singapore is a very small country, it only takes an hour plus to travel from one end to the other depending on the mode of transportation. But then, everyone is always in a hurry with the daily routine and such. Will write to you separately :)