Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Christmas Shuttle, Heart Coaster and A Wonderful Concert

Received this new shuttle a few days ago, which I won on ebay. Made by the Shuttle Shop using Northern Black Cherry wood, this is the Christmas 2008 edition featuring a hedgehog. This is my 4th shuttle from the Shuttle Shop.

I was packing my stuff and found this acrylic coaster which I bought from Ikea months (or is it years!) ago. I remembered I bought it with the intention to put a tatted heart inside, as the coaster is made up of 2 identical pieces (top and bottom) and with magnets to attach both pieces together. This tatted heart was the one I won in Wendy's blog giveaway a little while ago, and I have attached it with glue dots on a cover of a note book. Now I think it is just so perfect in this coaster, both in shape and size, isn't it ?

And after the long wait, he was finally here, standing on stage, with a full house of 7000 audience on each night, all eyes on him, and I was among the 7000 there on the 2nd night, together with my mother, my colleague and her 3 sisters!
He's so handsome, so manly and such well-toned muscles. Fans were screaming away the whole night long, and were too eager to sit down (at the same time, it was very cramp as the organiser added so many seats!). Though I prefer his Canto pops to the Chinese songs, Andy is remarkable in his showmanship - all the different dances (real dance, not just hopping and jumping around), magic stunt, and a drama performance. I must also add the digital screen effect was fantastic. This was the most spectacular of the 5 concerts I attended this year, and most tiring one having to stand the most of the 2 hour plus!
This jacket was so cute!
Took a few video clips of some of the Cantonese songs Andy sang. Weren't well taken, but watching them brought back fond memories of the concert.


TattingChic said...

Hi! I got one of the Hinton's shuttles, too! The Santa Hedgehog is adorable. They make lovely shuttles. Your coaster turned out really cute. What a perfect way to show off Wendy's heart! She has impeccable work, doesn't she? I won some tatted butterflies from her and I love them!
It looks like you really enjoyed the concert you went to. You're so cute; your description of him sounded like a teenage girl! So darling! It is good to be young at heart. :)

chocolatelover said...

Hi, Saw your blog on Andy..got your blog address from a friend's blog. Hope you dont mind. I also like him but i couldnt get a ticket as it was sold within a week.. Hope to get it see it when he come again...Your are so lucky to see it and i heard from radio it was an amazing show!!!

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Your shuttle is terrific.

Wow you are brave to go to a concert like that! I am claustrophobic (badly) so there is no way in a million years I would do that LOL!!

singtatter said...

Hi TattingChic, Sherry, yes, the shuttle is so well-crafted, and I'm lucky to win the shuttle at what I paid.

Hello, chocolatelover, what type of chocolate do you like, or do you like everything chocolate ? I love dark chocolate, take very little milk chocolate and don't touch white chocolate. Yes, Andy Lau's concert tickets sold faster than anything, I'm so lucky to still manage to get tickets (some more on the 6th row from the stage) though my colleague's sister. I will not miss Andy's concert when he comes again!