Sunday, September 7, 2008

Motif No. 13/25 - Butterflies o'Five and Doilies From Usha

I have finished these butterflies a little while already, but only managed to take a photo now. These are tatted with size 20 threads, the first 2 on the left were shown earlier, and now 3 more, these complete Motif No. 13/25. Well, you are right if you notice that they are getting smaller and smaller. In fact, I have tatted another smallest one, but that is for another project which I'm keeping mum for now.

For the doily exchange, I was supposed to send to Mona and Usha to send to me. I received these delightful crocheted doilies from Usha. I don't crochet a lot, and is not familiar with crochet yarns, but the red doily is about 48 cm across, while the blue is about 32 cm and the coasters 10cm diameter each.

I am also doing a private exchange with Usha to swap some stamps and a name tag. Usha did a lovely one for me in cross-stitch, the photos below showed the 2 sides of the embroidered piece. Thank you, Usha, I'll treasure them! I must apologise to Usha I have not completed your name tag. Met with a bit of set-back - I have to cut away and re-do a few times, so I have to put it down for a while. Rest assure I'm concentrating on it now.


Linda S Davies said...

I love the butterflies, Ellen, they look so delicate!

Alan Kolodny said...

The butterflies are great, and you did a beautiful job in Iris' doily. I particularly like the way the colors you chose make the design really pop.

singtatter said...

Thanks, Linda, Alan! I do like to match dark and light colours to tat doilies, it gives a more distinct look to the pattern, as contrast to using variegated colours. That's why I especially like the way Linda tat her latest 2-tone Starburst Doily.

Anke said...

Oh I like your butterflies! Would you share the pattern?
Greetings from Germany,