Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wrapping Up of a Round Robin, TIAS 3 Cat, Be Warned!

Well, with this mail, I have completed my International Round Robin! Phew, it was a bit tougher than I expected and took longer than I hoped, when I decided to come up with all my own designs for my partners. But yes, I did it!!!

These went to Meme for the snowflake round. I came up with all the snowflakes, except the holly leaves and berries which I adapted from one of the Japanese books and put them on paper clip. One of my favourites to tat for Christmas, and I did a lot of these and gave away the last Christmas.Special thanks to Sharon for organising the Round Robins. And more thanks to my partners who sent souvenirs in addition to their tatting: Meme (Chile) who sent me her sincerest hearts, Hanna (Sweden) who sent a dainty seahorse bookmark and Vicki (Canada) who sent a mighty dragon. Supposed to get another one (snowflake) from Jennifer Morris (USA), but it seems she has not even sent the first out, or if she has any intention to send at all!

Speaking of people who default on exchanges, I mentioned in the lists of this lady who defaulted on an exchange with me and another tatter last year. Well, most of us are doing all tatting and exchanges for interest and we have our own jobs and families to take care off; tatters are most understanding when things do get in the way. But what I feel most hurt and puzzled is that she is pretty active in the list, posting a lot of mails every now and then, and obviously still tatting away, yet she could not send me a single note to explain and apologise for been late or not been able to complete the exchange. Only recently when I finally expressed to her that I will post her name in the list, she finally dropped me a note. Still no apology, but full of sarcastic remarks the way I read it. I have no idea if she has been participating in exchanges and if the same has happened to others, but be warned!

I like cats, and managed to squeeze time to tat this cat from Jane's bonus patterns from the TIAS 3.


Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

Sorry about your luck in past exchanges. I've had that happen to me and it does not feel good at all. I love those paperclips! Those are the cutest things and the kitty is adorable. How did you know that I love orange cats? ;)

singtatter said...

I love orange cats too!