Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Workshops

I am never familiar with my sewing machine.  I get quite anxious when using one if you know what I mean, especially if I need to control the speed manually. Can't seem to sew straight.  Although not perfectly straight, I managed to sew up the drawstring pouch pretty fast.

I have worked with clay before but not porcelain.  Honestly, I wouldn't know the difference!

I'm bad in drawing and worse using markers to colour.  But well, nobody was judging!

Embroidery is more of my cup of tea.  I had to finish up sewing at home, but then none finished during the workshop itself either.  I do think I have done a good job embroidering my self portrait.

Heritage walk to Balestier.  I hardly go around Balestier on my own!

Another leather craft workshop.  More theory/talk on leather rather than crafting work.

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