Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last School Holidays

I took some time to collage the photos.  After "resting" for a few months nursing my fractured foot, I'm back to "action". A little pity that we didn't manage to go for any tour during the last year-end school holidays, but we still had fun with other activities.

We had the opening of the National Gallery in Nov.  Of course we couldn't miss it, though the younger ones and older one weren't too keen after walking a few halls, and my boy was feeling sick.  A pity as I would have loved to spend more time inside and the opening carnival.
My children said I'm the only Mommy who will join them on their outings with class and school mates.  But well, when I joined them, I literally joined in and participated in whatever they do and not sitting around to keep watchful eyes.  Great to be out ...
...and in the indoor playground too!!  Though I must admit I couldn't catch up with any of them, and at some spots, I really needed to squeeze through! (The playground is opened to a adults too, even without accompanying children.) All the climbing, spiralling down slides, and bowling, I was arching all over for the rest of that week. Well, I'm all game to go again!

My girls hogged the mike!

Joined another outing of my girl with her CCA group.

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Maureen said...

You've had so much fun! - although I must admit I found that I was worrying bout your foot in that playground. You are braver than I am, I always kept right away from school excursions with my children, although I have been on one or two with some of my grandchildren.