Wednesday, August 12, 2015

12 Different Workshops

This time round, I attended 2 workshops held outside the library.  We went to DESINERE studio at Oxley BizHub in Ubi for paper pleating.  If it looks simple to you, then you have to try it first. It sure takes lots of patience to fold and lots more practices to get it to look presentable!

We had more fun going round 3 letterpress machines to print the blank bookmarks over at Papypress. A real treat to see and use these machines and more vintages ones too. 

Copper pipes are retro-looking and lend itself well to concealing wires inside. Here we did a copper lamp with some help - we cut and bent the pipes, drilled/screwed the base and assembled the whole lamp.  Got me reminiscing the technical classes doing metal works and wood works during my Secondary school days.  Missed those lessons although filing metal was real tedious for me!

Have you seen any sand animation show before? I have seen some very impressive ones. Thought I'll give it a try, but it's not easy if you are a perfectionist yet not an artist. Luckily it was a group effort.
Another new friend, Vicki! 

I am really bad at copying and worse at drawing and painting, this was the best I could do.  I'm actually quite pleased I managed to complete it at the very least. 

Do I miss the times writing calligraphy in school? Yes, but not the exam portion though.  With a number of coloured markers available nowadays as an alternative to pens, it is pretty easy for anyone to just pick up one to write without having to clean up all the messy ink. 

Another try at screen printing, but this time done with a transparency, and hence the screen can be re-used for different designs. 

Time for some sewing!  We made a face mask from scratch!

More sewing with felt.

Another embroidery workshop, but this time on paper.  All were samples done by the instructor, I only sewed the cover on the top right-hand corner.  Yes, Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favourite authors!

Here we did a carousel book, good as a display album.
And the most recent workshop - fritography.  We didn't do the firing ourselves, but we get to cut and pound the glass into bits. Quite fun, but the fine glass bits can cut easily too.

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tattrldy said...

Wow! What a variety of classes. They look like fun, too. I'm impressed by all the neat things you try.