Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'm Impressed with Kristine

Just want to show some of the stuff Kristine did since the start of this year. 
All the macarons done with polymer clay....

Another design.

Decorated her note books (at least no macaron on them),

and drawing in white on black papers. 

She couldn't stop making macarons and baked on her own.  After numerous attempts, these latest ones were the best so far. I better sign her up soon for a macaron baking class so that we can get to eat more decent ones!
A chocolate ice cream cake she baked with her sis for me. Appreciated their efforts but that's too much chocolate and sugar really. 

I returned from my trip to find more macarons!  This time painted ones. 

She is really madly in love with macarons! 


Maureen said...

She is obviously her mother's daughter! - so good at all these crafts. I had to laugh at the first picture, where she says she wants to be a Unicorn -one of my granddaughters, when she was 10 years old, wanted to be a set of traffic lights!! We never did work that out.Perhaps she wanted more control over her life!
She is fifteen now, and no longer wants to be a traffic light, she wants to skate in the Olympics. Always good to have a goal.

muskaan said...

Oh wow ! Enjoyed the creative pictorial journey :-) Lovely work all through & the clay macaroons are soooo tiny !!!