Sunday, August 25, 2013

NDP. Some Kites.

This year, I managed to get tickets to the National Day Parade, by luck!  And better luck to manage to swap 1 of the tickets just the day before, in order to get a pair in the same sector!! It was a long time since I watched the NDP live.

I haven't done inchies for a while since Apr swaps, I'm back with Jul and Aug swaps.  Guess I'm now into origami, a number of them are all folded as I challenge myself to fold them small to fit the 1-inch squares - cranes, frogs and maple leaves.  The pink inchies, mermaid Moos and robot twinchies with the robot head inchies are done with die-cuts.
Notice the minion inchies?  I watched both shows and must admit they are simple and cute. Aren't they?
I didn't stop there.  Our office had a game to decorate kites, and we came up with a minion kite!   We aren't flying them yet, but it should be fun watching our little works up in the sky.

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