Sunday, July 28, 2013

More Swaps Received and Some Little Things The Girls Did

More swaps came in, this time from the Inchies-Onexone group.

Jan 2013 Swaps
B. Valentine's inchies from Polly (2 on the left), Katherine W (2 on the right) and Debbie House's Be Mine (bottom).
C. 2 ATCs - Valentine ATCs - pink heart from Polly and Tink-a-tude from Debbie House.
G. 2 Minature Art Cards (1.5x 2.5) on the Oriental theme from Debbie House (left) and Polly (right).
Feb 2013 Swaps
A. 4 Black & White inchies from Cheryl Russ, Polly, KW, Debbie House.
B. 4 Zentangles inchies with hearts from Debbie House, Polly, Cheryl Russ, Katherine W.
E. 4 Foreign Stamp inchies - 2 from Polly, 2 from Debbie House.
H. 2 Twinchies with an inchies (Sewing theme) - Button from Cheryl Russ, Thimble & thread from Debbie House.
Mar 2013 swaps included 
B. 4 Purrfect Inchies (Cats, Kittens) - 2 from Debbie House, 2 from Polly.
G. 4 Analogous Twinchies Spring Time theme- 2 from Debbie House, 2 from Polly.
Apr 2013 swaps 
D. 4 inchies - Pastel watercolour background with butterfly theme- 2 from Katherine W, 1 each from Polly, and Debbie House.
F. 4 inchies Stamped and Embossed-2 from Debbie House, 2 from Polly.
H. 2 Moos (1 1/8" x 2 3/4") - Any theme: Japanese from Debbie House and Fashionable from Polly.
I. 2 Thrinchies - Any theme: Spring from Jaimie Sander, All Dressed Up from Rae Ann Ohlinger.
H. 4 ATCs - Any theme. Fashion (2 ATCs) from Polly, Birds from Debbie House, Butterflies from Rae Ann.

I'll end off this post with this recycled plastic bottle Joey did - a coin bank with a secret compartment for a little something!  Not her original idea though, but executed all by herself.

And a drawing Kristine did recently.  I think she can draw much, much better than me!

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