Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sewing Sock Creatures and My New Celestial Ring

I was quite surprised to receive this in my letterbox. Almost thought it will never come, but it came - a pen and marker-drawn Peter Pan for the January Art Doll swap from Maureen Blakeley (Canada), sent out by Tanya (Maureen's daughter) as Maureen was not feeling too well.  Thanks, Maureen and Tanya, love the doll!
[Afternote: This was the last doll Maureen was able to do as her strength failed her rapidly after that.  Maureen had a cardiac arrest and passed away in May.  Everyone in the ATC-ArtDoll group will miss her.]
For May ATC session in Bishan Library, we did stamping and paper punches.  I have not used paper punches for a while, certainly not to my liking - it's too much for my hands to bear, I punched just enough to do up a card on the spot (the anemones and butterflies ATC on the left).   
The theme for the month was "Yesterday".  I did paper feather for these chapteks (a common game found in kampong days in the past) - fun to play and fun to make!  I traded for Mdm Au's paper punched-owl, one of my favourite birds.

Haven't joined a library programme for a while, but wait, I did, just that I haven't mentioned them yet here :( But let me talk about this latest session "Sewing Sock Creatures" I attended with Joey yesterday at the Bukit Merah Library.  

Using leg warmers, we cut and we sewed for a straight 2 hours to sew up a rabbit each - mine's the blue/pink/white one, and Joey's the purple/pink/white one.

Back home, Joey continued to sew - all hand-stitched.  Rather cute.  And I must say I couldn't have done much better than her.  Well done, Joey!
Kristine arranged her last flower arrangement for the year in school, with chrysanthemums.  Looked like a salad bowl to me!

And I'm most excited by my new diamond ring!!!  DH upgraded/traded in my previous 0.84 carat Celestial ring to this 1.02 carat, colour E, set in white and rose gold band.

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Maureen said...

Wow!! - the rabbits and the flower arrangements are lovely, but then I came to that ring!!!! - what a wonderful surprise.