Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gemicans And Adventures!

March theme for our ATC session in Bishan Library was "Bling Bling".  I browsed through all the jewellery brochures I have kept and came up with a new "Bling Bling" race - the Gemicans.  I'm not sure if I should be admiring the paper dolls or the gems, but one thing I'm sure is there will be more Gemicans to come!
Traded 3 of them for the following.  From left to right - ATC from Moses (B/W Bling Bling), Vicki (Imagine) and Sor Huan (Do You Know Me?).
Umintsuru has earlier asked for suggestions on the arrangement of 2 dozen tatted roses. On the spur of the moment, I came up with the arrangement based on the Chinese word "乐", meaning happy.  You can see the actual arrangement on her blog ...
and a very sweet pair of tatted earrings came as a gift!  Thank you, Umintsuru!!

Last Sunday, my sister brought her boys to Forest Adventure at the Bedok Reservoir Park.  I joined her with my youngest girl.  The children went for the Kids Course, a 1-hour tree top course comprising 16 stages. I was gamed for the Grand Course, which has 34 obstacles including 4 zip lines over the Bedok Reservoir and a giant tarzan swing.  Not too difficult but it did take 2 whole hours to complete the actual course excluding the safety briefing. 

I'm game for more adventures!
Kristine working her way through ...

Last but not least, I wanted to show the birthday card my girl did for me.  I'm quite impressed with the construction of the card - there are 5 folds to the 12" x 12" paper, a tag on the front, a hinged disc and an ATC on the inside.  So sweet, Kristine! 

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