Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Love Owls, Flowers and Butterflies!

Have you heard of "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain", works of Dr. Betty Edwards? We, at the ATC session for Apr, were given a brief introduction and a little try out using a frame to draw. Just a small simple exercise, but truly amazing!
The theme for April ATC session was "Make It Stick". I used stickers for the first piece "Give Me a Hoot". The background was done with watercolours and pen. I love owls!
The second ATC I did, "Just Living is Not Enough", an assembled girl in a pretty collage dress and I adapted a quote by Hans Christian Andersen.

It was a variety of ATCs I traded for - an Iris-folded duck, a clay flower and collage works.

I was the lucky winner of Sally's giveaway for her 200th blog post milestone. These goodies came a while ago, but I was too busy to thank Sally yet. The cocobola rosewood hook is a super fine one, yes, both the hook size (0.4) and the workmanship! The silk draw-string bag is a big one, with more motifs tatted by Sally herself. The English oak dove is cut from a plinth that was underneath an alter in a church for more than a century long, oh wow! A very BIG thank you, Sally, for the lot of goodies!

I'm one of Sherry Pence's test-tatters for her newest book "Branching Encapsulation". No doubt it's a bit of time consuming to encapsulate all those threads, but if you like flowers and like them in a number of colours, then you would like this technique and the book.
Seeing the garden of tatted flowers certainly brighten up the day anytime!
A token of appreciation I received from Sherry - a skein of her HDT! Thank you, Sherry!
More tatted flowers. This is from one of the earliest Japanese tatting books I have, it's one of the prettiest flower designs in my opinion.

My ATC went to Elizabeth Watson (Australia) for the Stitchin Fingers' March ATC swap.
And from Heike Thurecht-Funk (Germany) for the March swap.
Heike's ATC was a very bright and sparkling piece of applique with beads and sequins. Thank you for the fabrics too, Heike!

April swap was in too - "Butterflies and Buttons" done by Patricia Gellon (Ireland).
And my tatted button flower piece that went to Heike (Germany).

Some more tatting done for Joo Hwee, a long time colleague and boss, who has quitted her hectic job to find new directions in life.
I haven't managed to get the alphabets right yet, still need more tweaking. Owe her first.

I have not done art doll for a while, so I jumped in for this butterfly fairy doll swap. I made up these paper dolls with different parts I found on pamphlets and combined with die cuts, they are butterfly fairies resting on their favourite flowers.

I sent to Norma Soulet (USA)
and received from Barb Glasier (USA).
I love owls, flowers and butterflies!!


Christa said...

You are so creative!

Sally Kerson said...

Pleased you liked your parcel. Love your tatting for Sherry and all your other work, particularly the button with tatting around it!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your tatted flowers are wonderful!!! I'm slowly learning how to tat via youtube tutorials & hope to one day be able to make a flower or 2.

Nancy in Dallas said...

I just came across your blog and what to say how lovely your work is. Looking forward to going back and see more!