Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another Tatted Cross and Update on Swaps Received

I tatted another cross for Faith. This is The Yarnplayer's Eternal Rose Cross, a sweet and petite pattern. I tatted a few more of the roses, perhaps I should tat another cross or two, it sure looks so lovely.

For Lenna's Haiku ATC swap, I received a hummingbird from Rena Matus (USA), flowers from Siri Hauge Opdal (Finland) and autumn wind from Sabrina Hoeke (USA). Lovely poems everyone has composed! I think they are some of the more meaningful ATCs I have swapped.
Debbie H's inchies for Aug and Sep Mingles have also arrived.

Rae Ann's Sep Bees too.

Things are moving slowly for the last few of the Alphabet ATC swaps, but here are the latest received from Sherry Dreier (UK) - R is for Robin and S is for Sunbonnet Sue.

Spent last Sat with my girls at a craft shop doing some quick Christmas projects, they sure concentrated hard! We had a long day in the shop with all the make-and-take projects, giveaways sales and auctions.

I have not tatted paper clips for quite a while. Joey is having a sale in the school, so I tatted some old patterns for her.
In fact, Joey did much more herself. She tatted flowers and glued them on her doodled cards - 81 cards in all.

Finally, the children's exams are all over! More time for crafts!!


Fox said...

Love that pretty cross!
Fox : )

Michelle said...

I am enchanted by the little "bookworm" paperclip bookmarks. I've seen the others before but not that one. Is it your own pattern or can you send me to where it's available please?

The cross is gorgeous!

Maureen said...

Joey's cards are beautiful! - she is her mother's daughter, and I can see that both of your girls enjoy their craft.

Momo said...

Your daughters have made beautiful pieces.

Sally Kerson said...

What a lovely display of tatting, bright and cheerful and your cross is also pretty

Val said...

Christine's cards are beautiful. I, too, love those caterpillar bookmarks. I'm sure they'd be snapped up quickly. Seeya soon.

Singtatter said...

Thank you, I'm proud of my girls too, and it's great to be able to do things we enjoy together.

Hi Michelle, the "bookworm" is actually a caterpillar, the pattern is free on the net somewhere, but I can't find it now. If I can find it later, will let you know.

Christa said...

Yes, you should be very proud of your children. They are very talented ... like you are. Your blog is full of beautiful things. And yes, would also love to know about the caterpillar 'bookworm'.