Sunday, September 11, 2011

Teachers' Day Presents

For Teachers' Day this year, inspiration on what presents to make came pretty late. Thanks to a gift I received - the yellow "chick" cable wrapper on the top right-hand corner. This is a useful and practical gift, and not too difficult to hand sew, though I only succeeded on the 3rd attempt. After that, it was a breeze to cut all the fabrics and velcro. The children wrote on the shrink plastics buttons and sew up the edges. We sewed 22 altogether!

ABC's inchies I made for the August Mingle:

And my "S is for Swan" fabric ATCs.

Sherry (USA) stitched appliques for her O is for Overall Bill, P is for Peace and Q is for Quail. Love the tiny stitches!
Mari (South Africa) sent 5 in 1 mail! O is for Owl, P is for Pins, Q is for Quilting, R is for Rhino, and S is for Sheep.

Gayle (UK) embroidered a stunning Cherry Blossom tree for the Textile ATC Jun swap. It was really worth the wait. Do you believe Gayle is new to using textiles and stitching? I don't!


Suztats said...

A good idea those cable wrappers. And nice ATC's.

Anonymous said...

Love your ATC's....I just joined the fabric ATC yahoo group. I'm finding all kinds of wonderful works of art!
come see me on my blog if you have a chance........I've just made a few ATCs and just started a few fabric ones. thanks!

Ordinary Lady said...

I came across your ATC work @ Bishan Library and one of your ATCs greatly caught my eye. (The sunset) It's a wonderful piece of art that inspires me, and absolutely breathtaking.
I have one question that has been on my mind though- May I know if you are selling it after the exhibition, or do you do customized requests too?
How lovely it will be if I am able to own that exquisite piece, but am only trying my luck through contacting you here as I am not exactly sure how the ATC works.

Do keep up the good work!


Momo said...

The cable wrappers must have been a hit with the teachers.