Sunday, November 14, 2010

C, R, S and Moving On!

Another complete alphabet set - the C. We have 3 cats - my favourite animal! Going clockwise from top left - my tatted cat, printed cat from Mari Strydorn (South Africa), applique cat fom Ann Seidel (Germany), and finally courthouse steps, an old quilt pattern, from Sherry Dreier (USA). These are the R and S fabric ATCs from Victoria Sturdevant (USA). Must check with her how she made the Rooster card, my guess is she printed the rooster and R, and S is a sure sweet and sparking shoe! Love them!
Now my S cards - tatted skunk! This is my favourite one so far, in term of the composition, background - I have used all the greens I could get my hands on!

We had our monthly ATC trading session on Thu at Bishan Library. Moses invited Tia, to give us a little talk on drawing and colours. Tia is an architect and an art and design educator. Listening and seeing her pen and watercolour sketches made me so tempted to start drawing too. Well, perhaps, and I could start with something small, like on an ATC. The famous 4-storey pre-war buildings in Tiong Bahru done by Richard is a great example. Traded my gingerbread boy doll ATCs for Rita's origami "Sotong" and Pei Ling's Labbit #3 too.

All the body parts (head and 4 limbs) are movable, and the gingerbread boy can run away too (from the paper)! More are in the baking, and gingerbread girl too. He looks delicious, doesn't he !?!

For those in Singapore and perhaps in JB who are interested to learn to tat, I have a class planned over 2 Dec Saturday afternoons (11 and 18 Dec, 2 to 5 pm), at Knotty Bicsie's Studio located in Blk 467B, Admiralty Drive, with free shuttle bus from Sembawang MRT. Register with me or Betsy from now till 5 Dec.

I'll be flying to Shanghai/China on Wednesday, so if I don't response for the week, it means I do not have internet access! Really looking forward to the short trip.


Sumire Craft すみれ手芸 said...

The tatted cat is soooo cute.

BSOTF said...

Your cats are perrfect! Love the roster & shoe that your freind done. Your skunks are cute stinky little ones. But very lovely at the sametime. Have a safe trip & enjoy your time there.

Trillian said...

So many cards and I love the all. The
skunk is wonderful. Love your ginger bread men (also form the post before.

Singtatter said...

I also think all the tatted animals look cute, thanks to Martha for designing all these cute little critters which are so perfect in size for ATCs!

Thanks, BSOTF, Ann!

Christa said...

Love your skunks. Precious!

Singtatter said...

Thanks, Christa!