Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two News!! And The Latest Junk Mail Dolls!

Two news to share, if you have not heard them!

ATC on Parade 2010 - our 3rd Artist Trading Card exhibition.

This year, our ATC exhibition will be held at 2 locations - from 5-12 Aug 10 at Bishan Public Library, and from 13-19 Aug 10 at Ang Mo Kio Public Library. In addition, we will be sharing some of our ATC collections, including many international ones, on 7 Aug (Sat), 4.30-5.30 pm at the Bishan Library Programme Zone, and on 15 Aug (Sun), 3-4 pm, at the Ang Mo Kio Library Programme Zone. Do drop by if you can make it.

We will also holding our regular monthly trading session on 12 Aug (Thu), 6.30-8.30 pm at the Bishan Library Programme Zone. Come join the round-robin ATC creation that evening!

Next is Georgia Seitz's grand project - 2 handmade crazy quilts embellished with lots of tatted motifs by tatters all over the world!

Well, the quilts are up for drawing, tickets by donation that will go into the Tat Days Scholarship Fund. More information here can be found here:
Just flown in is this junk mail doll from Cindy Whiddon of USA, yes, I said junk mail! I couldn't belive it either! On closer inspection, the limbs are noticeably made up from the inside of envelopes, but the dress? Look like a quilted dress, but made up from flyers!

This is my doll made for Linda Marino. She is already flying to the States. Her limbs and shoes are cut from flyers from Maybank, her qi pao cut from some Reader's Digest contest flyers, the Vanda Miss Joaquim motifs on the dress from the printed stamp on envelopes (I found different colours of the flower!), and the head from an opera flyer.

I'll end off this post with Kristine's latest Chinese calligrahphy works from school, she was so happy to show me these 2 pieces last Friday, especially the one on the left which her teacher graded an A+!

The words can be translated as "Country thousand of miles on" for the left piece, and "Good moral can prolong the life" for the right one. Did a bit of homework myself and found this: 明代养生家吕坤说“仁可长寿,徳可延年”,“养徳为养生第一要也”。Guess that's how the saying started.


umintsuru said...

Love your junk mail doll. Very creative to put all those junk mail to good use.

Momo said...

Thanks for publicising ATC on Parade, and we look forward to hearing your sharing as part of the sharing sessions.

I love both dolls. The use of junk mail is so clever and yours look very elegant and beautiful.

singtatter said...

Thanks for the comments on the junk mail dolls, this is one of the themes I like best. And fun to reminisce which parts of them come from where!

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